Stark County real estate transfers Sept. 3-9


Allen Darrell & Sarah from Sizemore Steven J &Rebecca A, 872 Wright Ave, $68,700.

Gray Alan S & Michele E from Marteney Janet M, 767 S Lincoln Ave, $38,900.

Grimm Viriginia A & Paquette Michael L from Stanish Ronald D, 2471 Eastern Ave, $120,000.

Bethlehem Township

Brainerd John F II & Carrie D from Brainerd John F II & Carrie D &, parcel 10016092 Redmont St SW, $47,000.

Cvo Homes LLC from Mcarty Judy A, 5000 Sherman BLVD SW Lot 246, $10,000.

Mayberry Joseph A & Lisa A from Paulus Ralph E & April, parcel 1101010 Tanganyika Trl, $17,500.

Mcguire Lorraine Marie Trustee from Jaeger Steve & Sharon, parcel 1100785 Safari Trl, $8,200.

Reaves Gerald & Danita & Ramsey Jena from Conti Timothy & Theresa, parcel 1100242 Safari Trl, $9,600.

Reaves Gerald & Danita & Ramsey Jena from Conti Timothy L & Theresa M, parcel 1100243 Safari Trl, $9,600.

Wanner Terri J & Daniel W from Goodnite Nickolas & Danielle, 8806 Dolphin St SW, $377,000.

Canal Fulton

U.s. Bank Trust National Association from Highman Rachelle A, 163 Milan St S, $60,000.


Anderson Luke Jon & Annah from Ranalli Rachel A., 1717 Harvard Ave NW, $165,000.

Brady Michael C from Stutler Roger K & Sonia R Trustees, 1718 16th St NE, $24,000.

Canton Empire Assets LLC from Sibila Rick J, 1906 5th St NE, $18,500.

CBCB Holdings LLC from RT 7th LLC, 819 7th St NW, $80,000.

Cowan John P from Case Roger, 1737 24th St NW, $126,000.

Gerber Ryan Lee & Adrienne Joy from Macris Paula, 5215 Loma Linda LN NE, $247,500.

Graber Melissa S from Bubenchik Derek, 3028 13th St SW, $45,100.

Green Terrie G from Ayers Thomas A & Christine, 122 Aultman Ave NW, $180,000.

Hicks Rhonda from Fakelis Michael J & Stephanie A, 2119 31st St NW, $144,900.

Kell Michael T from Bonfine Shawn M & Natalie J, 219 14th St NW, $15,000.

Lakshmi Group LLC from Filliez Steve O, 1710 4th St NE, $16,000.

Martinez Jesus from Morrison Kenneth E, 1015 14th St NE, $32,500.

Mckean Mark Jason from Twin Creek Rentals LLC, 400 Broad Ave NW, $25,000.

Ramos Anthony from Habeger Ethan, 147 32nd St NW, $175,000.

Reikowski Michael J from Reikowski Susan C, 1523 11th St SW, $25,000.

Rocky Properties 3606 LLC from Fernandez Manny D, Trustee, 1811 Fremont PL SW, $42,000.

Roskoz Services LLC from Heavens Holdings LLC, 714 Michael PL SW, $23,400.

Roulston Mitchell & Danielle from Wahl David A & Rosanne E, 522 22nd St NW, $187,000.

So Will I Properties LLC from Thomas Scott J & Jennifer S, 1330 23rd St NE, $44,400.

the Huntington National Bank from Croston Delbert & Tracy A, 1622 St Elmo Ave NE, $18,000.

Umana Jesus Cisneros from Cerrato Anthony J, 2403 Harrisburg Rd NE, $51,000.

Umana Jesus Cisneros from Cerrato Anthony J, parcel 205784 Gage Ave NE, $51,000.

Warnick James & Caracillo Michael from Raber Jerald W & Kathleen L, 818 Benskin Ave SW, $98,000.

Canton Township

Young Eddie from Bradford Kara A, 704 39th St SW, $197,500.

Jackson Township

Albert Emily J & Simon Andrew v from Chaffman Sandra R & Aubiel Linda J, 6235 Hillfield St NW, $180,000.

BG Custom Homes Inc from Ohio Vedic Homes LLC, parcel 10004324 Springlake Rd NW, $129,500.

Boyd Logan Steven from Grandpa’s House LLC, 4541 Erie Ave N, $280,000.

Brown Roger & Gloria J from Brown Roger & Gloria J & Vinton Daniel L, 4242 Columbia Ave NW, $23,000.

Bucasso Rocco L from Caveslio Rita D, 3001 Jackson Ave NW, $204,000.

Daughtery Jessica Lynne from Frick Leigh Ann & Christopher, 5367 Blackthorne St NW, $236,500.

Dibbell Laurie & Stephen from Dobsch Connye M, 8263 Winterwood Ave NW, $260,000.

Evans Daniel K & Heather L from Wolfe Eric M & Renee J, 6268 Harbor Dr NW, $430,000.

Hedrick Mark & Anna Marie from Hedrick Faye M, 8981 Colton St NW, $89,101.

HP of Canton JV LLC from Makrina, LLC, 5421 Whipple Ave NW, $2,095,000.

Lutzko Rosemary A from Mchenry Rhonda M, 4072 Lindbergh Ave NW, $223,500.

Nadel Mark & Kimberly from Eaglowski Peter R & Lori K Co-Trustees, 3428 Stillwater Ave NW, $365,000.

Norris Richard Allen Jr from Newlon Gracie L, 6592 Pear Ave NW, $560,000.

Novak Daniel Edward & Alicia Loraine from Hawley Richard K, 5165 Echovalley St NW, $260,000.

Pizzino Roseanna from Greenfelder Gregreys & Leslie A, 8365 Beatty St NW, $310,000.

Willowdale Country Club from Willowdale Country Club Yingling Bryan, 186 Sycamore Dr NW, $650,000.

Lake Township

American Engineering & Metal Working Ltd from American Engineering & Metal Working Ltd, parcel 10016088 Meridian Cir NW, $200,000.

Boyt Candace from the Lake Woodland Properties LLC, parcel 10014169 Woodlands Glen Ave, $120,000.

Brown Nathan & Campbell Chelsea from Maarschalk Brian J & Crystal, 8960 Peterson Ave NE, $260,000.

Edwards Daniel Joseph & Ericka Jean from Wartman Jeffrey A &Sonya R, 2310 Sesame St NW, $265,000.

Maninga Hubert A & Pamela S from Schnee Phillip C & Patricia A, 13295 Cactus Ave NW, $305,000.

Nowlin David W & Maranda E from Donohew Christine D Trustee, 2965 Bebington St NW, $345,000.

Pisanelli Anthony M & Kelley L from Mottice Michael & Andrea, 11094 Trenton Rd NW, $358,500.

Schafer Andrea Lee from Abshire Cinda, 1714 Sonora St NW, $195,000.

Schler Cory S & Shannon M from Schafer Andrea L, 3756 Chickasaw Trl NW, $215,000.

Stalter Eric Shane & Jennifer Adel from Grindel Carolyn R, 220 Edwin St NW #334, $133,500.

Lawrence Township

Bayne Barbara from Swain Jeffrey M, 1 Michael Cir NW, $40,000.

Kalmar Dakota Joseph & Emily Grace from Bodollo Elizabeth M, 4707 Penbrook Ave NW, $265,000.

Lexington Township

Halverstadt Linda from Sunfish Investments LLC, 14362 Sturbridge Rd NE, $148,000.

Home Sweet Home Leasing Inc from Mayle Timothy A, 11811 State St NE, $20,000.


Garrott Aaron J & Sharayah K from Lou’s Retirement Properties Ltd, 1311 E Main St, $106,700.

Lappin Lori from Hartzell Diann Y, 1514 Monter Ave, $189,900.

Mccauley Kimberly L Ttee from Isla Robert & Mary D, 1695 Briarwood St, $275,500.

Walters Timothy W & Darla J from Rodak Josette M, 1330 Opal St, $150,000.

Marlboro Township

Burton Christa M Nka Rollins & Jason from Burton Helen Joyce, 5907 Nimishillen Church Rd NE, $295,000.

Hall Caleb R & Mcdonald Brooke M from Royer Melanie, 6701 St Peters Church Rd, $233,000.

Snyder Brett C & Brugmann Sarah M from Stearns Jessica L, 7778 Pontius St NE, $215,000.


Bealer Julie A from Woodliff Thomas & Mia, 835 Commonwealth Ave NE, $155,000.

Citizens Bank N.a. from Merritt Joel K, 1623 Massachusetts Ave SE, $82,000.

Flench Paulette Diane from Fouts Jeri K, 2880 Lauren Cir NW, $289,900.

Franklin Michael T from Mcbeth David K & Susan J, 823 Main Ave W, $74,200.

Hauf Robert A & Cinda Ann from Moody Joyce P, 1724 Lindbergh Ave NE, $165,500.

Kirkland Financial LLC from US Bank Trust Na as Trustee, 1349 Kracker St NW, $22,083.

KMB Property Investments LLC from Berner Steve M, 2324 Main Ave W, $48,950.

Lantzer Allija R from Dorman Ian Matthew & Taylor Allison Eliz, 1485 Gibson Ave SE, $190,000.

Lenz Hannah from Kopelakis Teresa M, 506 Wabash Ave SW, $85,000.

Patel Riyen & Divyanka from Smith Rosalee, 606 Wellman Ave SE, $63,775.

Schneider John G from Turpin Zaneta M, 1910 Stoner Ave NE, $179,500.

Smith Bonnie Lindsey from K S Yoak Enertprises LLC, 317 Arch Ave SE, $129,000.

Nimishillen Township

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Marcantonio Anthonyr, 6405 Plum St, $75,000.

Snyder Alexis R from Taggart John J, 4044 Addison Ave, $159,900.

Wade Alec R & Guilbeau Josephine J from Puckett Randy & Mary A, 5449 Meese Rd NE, $855,000.

Woodcox Tara & Zachary from Harold Paul F & Janet Z, 3075 Nickel Plate Ave NE, $500,000.

North Canton

D’agnese Charles J & Dale S Ttees from Dilorenzo Salvatorep & Rosemary, 1856 Cheswold Cir NE, $335,000.

Durkin Joseph from Dimit Fern A, 475 Royer Ave NW, $165,000.

Fogle Lisa A Ttee from Buterbaugh David, 615 Werstler Ave NW, $185,000.

Gilpin Michael S & Erin E from North Canton Investments LLC, 212 Donner Ave NW, $157,000.

Johnson Robert P from Lewis Robert A II & Mary Kathleen, 515 Everhard Rd SW, $230,000.

Lindesmith James R & Carolyn K Ttees from Swager Richard E, 2000 Kingscote Cir NE, $322,000.

Spitale Vincent M & Linda K from Gill Jamie L, 1009 Fair Oaks Ave SW, $232,000.

Osnaburg Township

Knoy Zackery Tyler & Rene Elizabeth from Carney Clayton P, 255 Orchard St W, $215,000.

Perry Township

Bauman Brent D from Miller Gregory B & Hayley D, 4723 12th St SW, $170,000.

Creevey Jill A from Arenofsky Sharon A, 338 Roxbury Ave NW, $190,000.

Fitlife Properties LLC from Mayle Kenneth F II & Penny T, 5129 21st St SW, $57,000.

Lewis Bryan & Lisa from Holland Everett W & Betty L, 4823 17th St NW, $175,000.

Midfirst Bank from Miller Simon L & Sandra E, 3451 Southway St SW, $135,325.

Miller Roberta & Brian from Easterling Mavadell, 533 Genoa Ave NW, $250,000.

Miller Roberta & Brian from Easterling Mavadell, 553 Genoa Ave NW, $250,000.

Moore-Wright Jordan M & from Gnagy Garrett L, 4045 Whipple Ave SW, $135,250.

Russ Brian R from Sponseller Darren Lee, 4639 7th St SW, $168,600.

Pike Township

Kostenko George from Pipoly Valerie S Trustee, 5600 Briggle Ave SW, $885,000.

Plain Township

Alexander Wardell & Venecia Rolanda from Ippolito Joshua M, 6698 Leestone Ave NE, $330,000.

Buck Jerad & Stacy from Berner Loretta M Trustee, 3343 Alpine St NE, $210,000.

Earley Mark A from Holland Gretchen J, 2410 41st St NW, $55,000.

Heffelfinger Matthew from Albert Emily J & Simon Andrew v, 2917 Sharonwood Ave NW, $170,000.

J&J Home Improvements LLC from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 3209 Easton St NE, $82,000.

Kalb Bailey Samuel from Francis Elise M, 1209 Spangler St NE, $120,021.

Kline Chad M & Brooke T from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 3321 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $443,845.

Kukla Judith & John from Lemos Rebecca S Trustee of the Zerbe Fam, 1835 Schneider St NW, $180,000.

Lamey Ronda R from Mcgeorge Properties Ltd, 4258 20th St NW, $133,500.

Lemmo Michael A & Annie E from Kee Donald E Jr & Miller Diane S, 1209 Shelley St NE, $130,000.

Meyers Lake Preserve Inc from Altimore Lenny L & Rhonda R, parcel 5201393 20th St NW, $70,000.

Mroczkowski Stefan Alexander from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 1259 Southbrook Cir NE, $392,685.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3277 Boettler St NE, $72,000.

Rainvest LLC from Reikowsky James P, 4107 Guilford Ave NW, $256,500.

Riff Meredith from Lesh Properties LLC, 7040 Middlebranch Ave NE, $190,000.

Sigala Raymon & Hope from Neo Home Buyers Inc, 3204 Regent Ave NE, $138,000.

Spumantle Properties LLC from Shantytown Properties LLC, 3021 Regent Ave NE, $63,000.

Watts Matthew from Joy Dakota T, 2453 38th St NE, $130,000.

Zimmerman Catherine E from Tisevich Jack C & Rebecca L, 1933 Schneider St NW, $295,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Alaska Picker LLC from Smith Leon H & Evelyn M, 140 Main St E, $30,000.

DLC Holdings LLC from King Ralph L & Brenda K Co Trustees, 10621 Navarre Rd SW, $90,000.

Miller Norman J from Sax Ada M & Phillip D, 12815 Sandusky Dr SW, $230,000.

Yoder David J from Crank Ross, 430 2nd Ave SE, $157,600.

Yoder Firman & Nelson from Miller Leanna & Marcus, 400 4th Ave SW, $165,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Robertson Betsy & Tim from Henning Pamela J, 1292 Deermont Ave NW, $105,000.

Sandrock Linda from Draime Ronald L & Engell Janet L, 3125 Pigeon Run Rd SW, $140,000.

Washington Township

Miller Dakoda D from Tubbs Susan & Stipanovich Theodore Ttee, 3248 Union Ave NE, $212,000.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Stark County real estate transfers Sept. 3-9