Stark County real estate transfers Sept. 17-23


Allen Saprina Ttee from Brown Jason T & Ritch Crystal, 921 S Linden Ave, $58,000.

Black Kelvin D from Ray Sharon K Ttee, parcel 101751 Webb Ave S, $2,700.

Cole Thomas J from Poirier Philip A & Patricia R, 3100 Gaewood CT, $125,000.

Craven Megan from Taylor Nancy, 1115 Avalon Ave, $30,000.

Cullen Diana L from Mastroianni Todd & Jennifer, 729 Keplinger Ave, $140,000.

Harsh Ora & Jeffrey A from Walborn Rae L, 1058 Overlook Dr, $135,000.

Pauli Michael K & Linda A from Raiders Real Estate LLC, 666 S Union Ave, $55,000.

Robertson Ryan S & Devon N from Atkins Lora M, 1041 Northview Ave, $480,000.

Robertson Ryan S & Devon N from Atkins Lora M, parcel 112978 Stratford PL, $480,000.

Ross Josiah from Ross John, 319 W Oxford St, $92,500.

Ross Josiah from Ross John, parcel 111780 Oxford St W, $92,500.

Wyand Jillian M & Richard M Jr from Harsh Jeffrey A, 627 S Haines Ave, $127,000.

Bethlehem Township

Jasinski Holly from Carter Valine M, 8116 Fohl Rd SW, $220,000.

Moenter Angela from Janson Norma J, 161 E St Nav Vil, $35,000.

Strasburg Park LLC from Hartenstein Rose, 209 F St, $2,500.

Torok Brynn & Perkins Adam Jr from Bichsel Harold & Sherri & Jarod, parcel 1100724 Tanganyika Trl, $5,000.

Torok Leslie & Bryan & Layne from Courtney Diane M, parcel 1100725 Tanganyika Trl, $5,000.

Canal Fulton

Finefrock David R from Schalmo Properties Inc, 937 Crockett Cir, $312,900.

Horvath James E & Teresa M from Fondriest Annalee, 2020 Spring Morning Dr NW, $349,000.

Ramsey Kimberlee S & Todd Diana L from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 3045 Bonita Cir SE, $330,000.

Turpin Rochelle from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 3041 Bonita Cir SE, $307,345.


Affordable Solutions Group LLC from Giano Ventures LLC, 2515 Clyde PL SW, $59,100.

Beavers Andrew from Fairplay Development LLC, 501 Cleveland Ave SW, $140,000.

Brooks Jonathan from J & B Properties of Ohio LLC, 231 Dueber Ave SW, $125,000.

Byerly Brennan Michael from Bowser Mabel G, 2411 Myrtle Ave NW, $127,500.

Canal Street Investments LLC from Linder Joseph J & Linda E, 610 Wertz Ave SW, $44,500.

Cantera Maria from Pellegrino Gerald v, 1625 Kolp PL NW, $60,000.

DNH Investments LLC from Shree Shanti Real Estate Investments LLC, 2535 Tuscarawas St W, $100,000.

Dulaney Janae Danielle from Abp Property Group LLC, 1313 Spring Ave NE, $75,000.

Fifth Third Bank from Keiner Anthony M., 2406 Lake Road BLVD NW, $54,000.

Flowers Laren Elizabeth from RPW Properties LLC, 2659 Maple Ave NE, $142,500.

Geitgey Randall S from Stewart Zachary M, 1700 Hammond Ave SW, $86,000.

Green Bryan Scott & Taylor Elysse from Xides Dean v, 3421 Culver Cir NW, $210,000.

Harborview Capital Holdings LLC from Ross John III & Emma G, 2515 Grigsby PL SW, $32,000.

HCVC Holding LLC from Wade Richard F & Deborah J, 1672 32nd St NW, $150,000.

HCVC Holding LLC from Wade Richard F & Deborah J, 3123 Cleveland Ave NW, $150,000.

Hetrick Diane M from Hoskinson Sally M, 2327 24th St NE, $96,600.

Hetrick Diane M from Hoskinson Sally M, parcel 215178 25th St NE, $7,400.

Jet Properties of Ohio LLC from JS and RG LLC, 714 Correll Ave NE, $79,900.

Jet Properties of Ohio LLC from Premier Homes Inc, 1310 Warner Rd SE, $150,000.

Jet Properties of Ohio LLC from Premier Homes Inc, 1451 Miami CT NE, $150,000.

Kell Michael T from Valtich Dorothy M, 1634 Rowland Ave NE, $15,000.

Knox Jalene S from Davis Barbara J, 346 Freedom Ave NE, $101,000.

Kowalski Joliene A from Lazar Ronald Jr, 1389 Maryland Ave SW, $113,100.

Kowalski Joliene A from Lazar Ronald L Jr, 1391 Maryland Ave SW, $113,100.

Laurus Marilyn from Fulmer William L & Lou A, 207 Montrose Ave NW, $125,000.

Look Sharpe! LLC from Burton Christa M, 2000 Maple Ave NE, $72,000.

Look Sharpe! LLC from Horizon Investment Properties LLC, 1303 Rowland Ave NE, $65,000.

Malone Randy Alphonse from Votolato Nina Marie, 1629 Henry Ave SW, $60,000.

Malone Randy Alphonse from Votolato Ninamarie, parcel 220109 Henry Ave SW, $60,000.

Mccauley Thomas Clark from Mccauley Thomas E, 1258 Hawthorne Ave SW, $53,300.

Mcinnes Jessica from Cozzocrea David P, 1931 Harrisburg Rd NE, $34,500.

Miracle 42 LLC from Hodgson Gaige, 605 Lincoln Ave NW, $28,600.

Mitchell Ronda from JD Home MGT LLC, 1218 Walnut Ave NE, $31,000.

Montgomery Street Homes II LLC from Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 2909 7th St NW, $683,300.

Morris Mark from Leist Jeffrey E & Cynthia F, 1260 Perkins Ave NW, $125,000.

Mossybirch Investments LLC from Shankel Robert, 1344 St Elmo Ave NE, $44,500.

Mossybirch Investments LLC from Shankel Robert, parcel 217788 14th St NE, $44,500.

Orme Timothy S & Katheren L from Sukosd Elaine Carole Trust, 2006 St Elmo Ave NE, $35,000.

PWW Ohio LLC from Howard Daniel R, 1419 17th St NW, $66,200.

R&W Home Improvement LLC from Jackson Dolores J, 740 44th St NW, $130,000.

Raymundi John from Star Ridge LLC an Ohio Liability Company, 511 Bedford Ave NW, $57,000.

Roach Rita from Ohler Christopher, 2406 11th St SW, $39,600.

Sharlow Tiffany A from JLW Real Estate LLC, 150 Claremont Ave NW, $80,000.

Sharper Services LLC from Integrity’s Legacy Holding Makirra LLC, 1629 Bexwell St NE, $359,000.

Singhaus David G from Boes Perchinske Rochelle L, 1212 22nd St NE, $195,000.

Snyder Kimberly & Clinton from Kennelly Kristi A Aka Young Kristi, 452 Rice Ave NE, $80,000.

Weingart Olivia G from Falter James T & Kellie J, 720 25th St NW, $155,900.

Wells Jedell from Freeman Shannon, 1441 Allen Ave SE, $30,100.

Canton Township

Citibank N.a from Hill Bryan W & Kelly J, 2358 17th St SE, $44,000.

Curlutu Nathaniel T from Mcwhorter Pamela L, 4836 Ridge Ave SE, $138,670.

Curlutu Nathaniel T from Mcwhorter Pamela L, 4904 Ridge Ave SE, $138,670.

Jet Properties of Ohio LLC from Mulholland Holdings LLC, 3956 Faircrest St SW, $129,900.

Kidd Douglas L from Kidd Douglas L & Finley Nanette S, 1228 Churchmont St SE, $96,100.

Montgomery Street Homes II LLC from Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 412 Poplar Ave NW, $683,300.

Jackson Township

Amd Property Company LLC from Tsirigotakis Emmaniel N & Bourlas George, 4090 Erie Ave NW, $285,000.

Broderick Street Homes LLC from Hubbard Michael A &Penny J, 8591 Glenridge Ave NW, $270,001.

Corum Matthew & Taylor from Raj Vineet Govinda Raj & Cinnappa Swanim, 6903 Maple Glen Ave NW, $350,000.

Edwards Kevin D & Tracie L from Jackson Portage LLC, 7006 Emerald Bay Ave NW, $63,350.

Hawn Erin E from Hassen Joseph & Peterson Melinda, 3463 Briton Cir NW, $370,000.

Hoffman Thomas Gene II & Jennifer from Craig Steven L & Amy S, 6313 Meadowsweet Ave NW, $511,000.

Hovermale Austin D from Stickley William D & Gayle M, 7081 Oriole Ave NW, $211,500.

James Ronald G & Kathy A from Hill Patricia A, 8693 Dublin Ridge Cir NW, $186,000.

Jet Properties of Ohio LLC from Oxbridge Holdings LLC, 7751 Heatherview St NW, $274,900.

Laubacher Penny S & Daniel F from Soliday Michelle L, 4206 Reicosky LN NW, $25,000.

Llijevski Mirjana from Hixon James C, 7266 Wales Ave NW, $85,800.

Mcclain Brian W & Jennifer J from Fleming Patrick, 3698 Barrington PL NW, $167,000.

Mcgrew Mitchell P from Dear Lari, 9655 Agate St NW, $295,000.

Montgomery Street Homes II LLC from Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 6817 Salerno St NW, $683,300.

Newbauer Mona J & Tyler L from Proudfoot Brandon Michael & Jasmine J, 7652 Rob St NW, $285,000.

Pifher Timothy A & Marsha A from Vega Enterprises Ltd, 6333 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $416,000.

Proudfoot Brandon M & Jasmine J from Simmons Kyle S & Amanda M, 8575 Nobleman Cir NW, $415,000.

Ream Nanette M Ttee from Weitzel Sandra Aka Sandra L, 9234 Forest Trail St NW, $294,000.

Sigala Emily & Jason & Depew Mark L & from Fink Maximillian T & Lisa M, 4131 Dartmouth Ave NW, $316,000.

Splash Car Wash of Belden LLC from Aultman Health Foundation, parcel 10016078 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $900,000.

Thomas George L Jr & Shelly from Hicks Timothy J & Cheryl Co-Ttees, 6795 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $529,900.

Traynor Jeffrey William & from Bialis Debra Jo, 1270 Concord St NW, $115,000.

Lake Township

Adams Joshua J & Erin A from Finders LLC, 9033 Sunnydale Ave NE, $47,300.

Archer Ryan Patrick & Raber Megan from Bixler Carol S, 1160 Meandering Creek NW, $195,000.

Byler Myrrl & Ruth from Troyer Rhonda J, 1146 Prospect Ave S, $130,000.

Collier Eric W & Angela from Detore Donald J & Shelley L, 2698 Country Squire St NW, $275,000.

Grey Kay from Galit Mark A Trustee, 436 Wyandotte Trl SW, $195,000.

Hostetler Scott & Alisha from Adelsberger Lance A & Amy, 13060 Prince Georges Ave NW, $427,000.

May Nicholas Edward from Ichikawa Kiyotoshi J & Melissa N, 11745 Streamview Ave NW, $290,000.

MPM Investment Company LLC from Ledgerwood Bruce A, 12627 King Church Ave NW, $115,000.

Mulig George L Jr & Deborah K from Aubuchon David R & Linda L, 9634 Brixton Ave NW, $255,000.

Paulen Mitchell Ryan & Erin from Esposito Nancy L, 8239 St Patrick Ave NW, $503,000.

Real Change Investment LLC from Walker-Fuchs Victoria L & Frank J, 9724 Market Ave N, $169,000.

Spotleson Mitchell R & Andrea N from Dunnington Joseph A, 11276 Trenton Rd NW, $325,500.

Willoughby Jeffrey L & Patricia R from the Lake Woodland Properties LLC, 576 Woodlands Glen Ave, $75,000.

Wilson Sumner & Bowser Brooke from Caraballo Jordan M & Danielle M, 13370 Sugarbush Ave NW, $275,000.

Worthy Ambur & Donald R from Wilson Wendull W, 13515 Cleveland Ave NW, $145,000.

Yoder Leon & Joyce from Ellinwood Ryan & Heather, 12239 Wisteria Ave NW, $22,800.

Lawrence Township

Cole Christina K from King Darold E, 11126 Forty Corners Rd NW, $93,600.

Dyer Christopher Martin & Karen Beth from Finefrock David R Trustee, 12380 Stover Farm Dr NW, $450,000.

Everhart Michelle Annette & Wade J from Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Sales, 29 Thomas BLVD NW, $27,330.

Poling Brittany from Brannan Samantha, 14831 Churchfield St NW, $75,000.

Scheufler Jerod L from Wilkes Phyllis A, 12029 Packets St NW, $180,000.

Schnabel Jarrod & Hope from Casto Dora L, 4606 Erie Ave NW, $260,000.

Sears F David from Hudak Eric, 64 Thomas NW, $55,000.

Lexington Township

Smith James H & Jennifer C from Ward Sonia, parcel 2802281 Salina Ave NE, $4,500.


Cogar Alan E from Ramage Carol E Trustee, 1628 Horizon Dr, $198,000.

Hastings Thomas E Jr & Holly N from Herndon Cheryl L, 1637 California Ave, $220,000.

Kennedy Kody from Kennedy Aaron W, 710 E Main St, $81,000.

Laughlin James & Ashley from Betz Linda L, 1048 Romary LN, $250,000.

Lindenberger Philip & Julianna from Coe Nicholas M, 1050 Cypress Ave, $289,900.

Miller Mark from Mann Howard Jr & Lisa M Ttees, 618 Rainbow Dr, $120,000.

Newton Kacey Lee from Scott Chad E, 1032 Washington Ave, $145,000.

Marlboro Township

Andreski Matthew J & Monica L from Andreski Matthew J & Monica L &, 14156 Gopp Ave NE, $100,000.

Andreski Matthew J & Monica L from Andreski Matthew J & Monica L &, parcel 10016108 Pinedale St NE, $100,000.

Hoff Adam D & Stryczny Anna J from Swallie Jay D & Theresa M, 13905 Tope Rd NE, $512,000.

Peters Jeffrey M & Susan L from Lane Harry S & Michele, parcel 3105702 Pontius St NE, $50,000.


Backlund Michelle R & Kevin T from Seymour Thomas K, 1707 Milton Ave NE, $196,000.

Borell Michael James from Kieffer-Arner Darlene Trustee, 208 Page St NW, $124,900.

Branch Dylan B from Jones Michael D & Kelly D, 1617 Tremont Ave SW, $125,000.

Gentry Justine & Bryson from Dempsey Donald A Jr & Heather L, 471 19th St NW, $161,000.

K S Yoak Enterprises LLC from Blaine Dayzha, 1223 Woodland Ave SE, $46,000.

Kimball Michael & Terrie Lea from Lemon Cindy L, 242 21st St SE, $117,000.

Melendez Edwin A Barrera from Jefferys Joseph P Jr & Moyer Sarah E, 1724 Jefferson Rd NE, $153,000.

Midfirst Bank from Murray Katie L & Vanmeter Marilyn, 513 Griffith Ave SW, $54,703.

Ruegg Andrew from Wolfe Thomas E Trustee, 1500 Lincoln Way NW, $61,601.

Smith Shawn E & Sheila A from Lytle James L & Nancy L, 426 Thomas Cir NE, $230,000.

Tarr Clifford E from Boros Nicholas E, 2314 Stoner Ave NE, $137,500.

Weitzel Sandra L from Lewis Tracy L, 1709 Windsor Rd NE, $175,000.

Ziegler Angela M & David A from Kerns Gina R, 4592 Woodstone Ave NW, $294,000.

Nimishillen Township

Brown Gavin Thomas from Asp Diane L Trustee, 4111 Birchwood Ave, $175,000.

Depalmo Ernest R & Debra L from Rayner Edward H Sr, 5942 Troy Ave NE, $152,000.

Waldren Jerry G from Barrett Nancy S, 5060 Broadview St NE, $171,900.

North Canton

Dear Lari from Dawson Cory A, 212 Renwick Cir SW, $294,500.

Friel Darcy from Barker Susan L, 473 Hillcrest Ave NW, $130,000.

Friel Darcy from Hyde Richard C, 908 Schneider St SE, $180,000.

Losa Investments Ltd from Leidolph Matthew J & Freyburger Meghan A, 1114 Lynbrook St SE, $168,000.

Maurer Ryan & Sharlia R from Tracy Mary A, 1614 Harmony LN SW, $334,900.

Mcgeorge Properties Ltd from Anderson Susan C Trustee, 1740 Beechwood Ave NE, $1,000,000.

Mcgeorge Properties Ltd from Anderson Susan C Trustee, 336 Hillcrest Ave NW, $1,000,000.

Reilly Jr Jeffrey Lee & Samantha Maria from Duerr Gregory A & Valerie A, 414 Woodside Ave NE, $175,000.

Rozak John P & Briona K from Gravo Daniel A & Jill M, 1532 Sperry LN SE, $420,000.

Weaver Melissa Lynn & Stanley Thomas from Hilton Capital Investments LLC, 2041 50th St SE, $120,000.

Whitman David & Jamie Leigh from Maurer Ryan & Sharlia, 416 Werstler Ave NW, $254,000.

Wilson Thomas H & Kirsten D from Wilson Robert H & Linda G, 1376 College St SE, $300,000.

Osnaburg Township

Alexander Bellamy J & Bolton Kyle J from Cafaro Seth & Munk Betty & Dale, 5135 Georgetown St NE, $155,000.

Alexander Bellamy J & Bolton Kyle J from Cafaro Seth Tyler, parcel 3701006 13th St NE, $155,000.

Bader Cody M from Allen William Lee, 8862 Lincoln St SE, $189,999.

Barnes Tyler R from Kirby Judy A, 7800 Georgetown St NE, $156,000.

Stauffer Nicholas Joseph from Swegheimer Mary Pauline, 1581 Pekin Dr SE Lot #2, $2,000.

Paris Township

Bazzle Dustin from Purvis Brandon & Brittnee, 16560 Lisbon St SE, $145,000.

Geltz Jason & Mcdonald Amy Marie from Smith Carley N, 503 W Lincoln Way, $114,300.

Ohman Drew Allen from Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 707 Lynnwood Dr, $111,000.

Perry Township

Bello Flores Elliott & Hannah D from Palmer Paula Trustee / Palmer Family Tru, 503 Fairlawn Ave SW, $150,000.

Buzard Matthew K & Johanna A from Summers Emily S & Matthew C, 4995 Mildred Cir SW, $200,000.

Foley Rental Homes LLC from Miller Matthew & Melissa, 263 Woodlawn Ave NW, $320,000.

Foley Rental Homes LLC from Miller Matthew Aka Matthew B &, 303 Woodlawn Ave NW, $320,000.

Jefferys Joseph P Jr & Moyer Sarah E from Dash Residential LLC, 1144 Southview Cir NW, $250,000.

Kerns Gina R from Hinton Jermaine, 332 Pershing Ave NW, $189,900.

Mccully Paul R from Kiko Ame M, 4462 Shermont Ave SW, $54,000.

Miller Cameron J from Mogus Keith, 1215 Western Ave SW, $140,000.

Montgomery Street Homes II LLC from Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 522 Proudley Ave SW, $683,300.

Pike Township

Everetts Caleb from Dazey Jeffrey W Trustee, 1825 Paradise St SE, $149,900.

Parrot Jr James M & Nancy N from Mowrer Frank C & Vanessa, 7347 Dueber Ave SW, $165,000.

Robinson Donald F Jr from Bowling Deborah S, 6959 East Sparta Ave SE, $80,000.

Plain Township

Andrew Jebrell L from Sander Gary J Co-Trustees, 3811 Royal Ave NE, $118,200.

Boone Michele & Kevin from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 1325 Fountain View St NE, $435,735.

Botzman Thomas Joseph & Vanessa Ann from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 3368 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $470,826.

Brown Kaitlin & Justin from Morris Mark A, 8004 Chatham Ave NW, $222,900.

Butts Stevie & Dicky Lynnetta from Scrimager Mary D, 3628 Darien Ave NW, $305,000.

Calderone Jonathon & Reba from Venditti Nancy A, 2601 Chaucer Dr NE, $210,000.

Capital Management Group LLC from Hahn James F, 3914 Darlington Rd NW, $176,000.

Fleming James M & Cynthia J from Neer Casey A & Chelsea M, 6138 Middlebranch Ave NE, $205,000.

Grandpas House LLC from West Gerald R, 4221 Bellwood Dr NW, $115,000.

Hassen Joseph R from Decker Daniel W, 5100 Elberta Ave NW, $235,000.

Mcglumphy Vernelle from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 4010 Hiram Rd NW, $48,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 7520 Woodway Rd NE, $72,000.

Peterson Mark & Nicole from Hunka Corey & Rachel, 3230 Woodridge Ave NW, $310,000.

Sayre Dakota from Murray Emily D, 1710 32nd St NE, $122,900.

Strawder Bruce E from Bauman-Zetts Glenna-Jean Tstee / Glenna, 1417 Easton St NE, $145,000.

Tryon Tara D from Losa Investments Ltd, 3016 Gross Ave NE, $54,000.

Sandy Township

Burton Tradale from Tope Gary A & Rosella P, parcel 6102304 Waynesburg Dr SE, $155,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Basham Jr Thomas E & Jessica M from Courtney Keith M & Julie L., 7970 Justus Ave SW, $102,300.

Cunningham Priscilla J from France William E, 333 Wabash Ave S, $70,000.

Ecenbarger Michael John & Olivia M from Gill Roger D & Carolyn M, 10986 Dolphin St SW, $374,000.

Montgomery Street Homes II LLC from Montgomery Street Homes LLC, 653 Wells St NE, $683,300.

Premier Property Ventures LLC from Courtney Keith M & Julie L, 7924 Justus Ave SW, $1,000.

Premier Property Ventures LLC from Courtney Keith M & Julie L, 7924 Justus Ave SW, $442,335.

Vranesevic Elisha Renae from Blakley Faye E, 10550 Navarre Rd SW, $85,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Griffin Charles D & Lisa M from Street Clora J, 11788 Rudy St SW, $30,000.

Washington Township

Brixen Jacob K & Meiggs Emma from Keller Beau S & Michaeline M, 3315 Beechwood Ave NE, $203,000.

Morris Alyssa Ann from Schuller Izetta M, 15951 Georgetown St NE, $190,000.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Stark County real estate transfers Sept. 17-23