Stark County real estate transfers July 16-22


Allen Saprina Trustee from Phillis James M & Roesti Matthew J, 1201 S Liberty Ave, $35,000.

Allen Saprina Trustee from Phillis James M & Roesti Matthew J, parcel 104200 Liberty Ave S, $35,000.

Allen Saprina Trustee from Phillis James M., 1211 S Liberty Ave, $35,000.

BFS Properties LLP from Evans Brandon, 405 E Oxford St, $65,000.

Brown Garrett L from Kline Erika A, 445 W Oxford St, $83,000.

Csaki Gerald S & Criss Nicole M from Bowling Donald J & Joan TRUSTEES/BOWLING, 1117 Parkside Dr, $181,300.

Delphi Properties Ltd from Fla Properties LLC, 107 S Lincoln Ave, $49,900.

Demattio Eric & Marsili Bette from Evans Karen O, 2452 Center Ave, $130,000.

Geiger Maxwell A from Geiger David M Trustee, 842 Dogwood Trl, $350,000.

Hoover Suzette from Albrich Robert J, 1215 Spring Ridge Cir, $239,000.

Mcgilvery Tanya from Mcilvain Justin A & Katie, 2916 Center Ave, $160,000.

Nieman Gregory & Derek from Lassnick George & Wendy, 1620 S Liberty Ave, $74,000.

Pinnacle Home Sales LLC from Rackley James L Trustee, 2174 Sunray Cir, $185,900.

Yoho Keith R from Marsili Eric C, 127 S Haines Ave, $65,000.

Bethlehem Township

Altier Properties LLC from Tocor Investments Ltd, 314 Market St NE, $400,000.

Anderson Sean Wesley from Griffin Lisa M & Charles D, 6250 Shepler Church Ave SW, $290,000.

Copenhaver Roberta from Erickson Donna M, parcel 1100665 Safari Trl, $7,600.

Hasinski Bob from Stacy Larry D and Aurelia F, parcel 1100212 Cheeta CT, $9,800.

Krynock Lois A & Brittany K from Day Jerry D & Lisa A, parcel 1100825 Swahali Trl SW, $4,000.

Mcvicker Virgil Joel from Byer Gary L & Darlene K, 113 South St NW, $156,000.

Scoffield Steven D & Garrett E from Jefferys Todd & Lynette, parcel 1100324 Safari Trl, $5,000.

Swisher Matthew & Cali from May Jerry & Laverne, parcel 1100909 Safari Trl, $8,600.

Canal Fulton

Dangelo Albert & Christine from Zumpano Investments Inc, 360 Locust St N, $30,000.

Judd Justin from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 3069 Bonita Cir SE, $256,730.


Anthony David J from Pfisterer Mark v, parcel 203159 Snyder Ave NE, $2,750.

B & E Contractors LLC from Snave Properties LLC, 316 Young Ave NE, $70,000.

Barnhart Zachary from Hicks Susan E Trustee, 1007 35th St NW, $165,436.

Bracken Davis J & Dray W from Lou’s Retirement Properties Ltd, 3732 Greenwood PL SW, $77,550.

Braun Rebecca A from Mccauley Lauren R, 3184 Landscape Cir NW, $160,000.

Brown Kyle David & from Smith Mckinzie, 4318 Norman Ave NW, $220,000.

Carter Marcell L & Boggs Hannah M from James Susie, 802 28th St NE, $161,000.

Cheek Michael E from Stevens Francine, 5021 Eastwood St NW, $70,000.

Clean Canton Rentals LLC from Southwest Canton Properties LLC, 1653 Bryan Ave SW, $30,000.

DDC Canton LLC from PJT Point West LLC, 126 Central PLZ N, $892,500.

Decost Michael v from Rinkes Michael W, 2647 Maple Ave NE, $60,000.

Devaughn-Davis Bonnie A from Betha Harold v & Devaughn Bonnie A, 2219 5th St NE, $18,200.

Devaughn-Davis Bonnie A from Betha Harold v & Devaughn Bonnie A, parcel 224212 6th St NE, $18,200.

Ferrell Bryce & Morgan from Simmerman Kimberly M & Poland Kendra M, 1515 Ridgeway PL NW, $132,400.

Gagen Teresa M & Michael L from Belmont Homes LLC, 1027 Garfield Ave SW, $82,000.

Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio from Groffre Investments, 3865 Mahoning Rd NE, $16,500.

Hale Brian J from Rowe David L, 1016 Bedford Ave SW, $17,000.

Hayes Daniel R from Gaffney Robert W, 1026 Dueber Ave SW, $36,000.

Jr Freedom Properties LLC from Lifeline Property Management LLC, 2522 Tuscarawas St E, $45,000.

Lancaster Megan L from Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, 1452 Sycamore Ave SE, $120,000.

Ledford Brennan from Paul Christopher D & Alyssa M, 643 Exeter Ave SW, $28,000.

Lucky 3 LLC from Lackney Barbara A., 1226 Ford CT NW, $38,000.

Lux Daniel Castro & from Panopoulos Chris P & Kouris Nick A, 1129 6th St NW, $15,000.

Lux Daniel Castro & from Panopoulos Christ, parcel 229418 6th St NW, $5,000.

Midfirst Bank from Kalman Robert L Sr, 1800 Ivydale Ave SW, $40,150.

Mitchell Paul & Michael from Wagner Richard v Sr Dawn M, 2405 Bevington St NW, $200,000.

Moore Cheryl from Latimer Tammi J & Justin A, 1007 Shadyside Ave SW, $85,000.

Olds Ashley C & Magallanes Valerlano B from Kautsch Barbara L, 1236 Perkins Ave NW, $115,000.

Raffin Dante A from Isue Henry A, 1623 Yale Ave NW, $79,900.

Renaissance Homes of Ohio LLC from Nordman Bruce A Sr, 1623 Logan Ave NW, $90,000.

Rouse John E from Blankenship Teresa S, 1030 Linwood Ave SW, $128,000.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Stark County Homes LLC, 1507 Superior Ave NE, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Stark County Homes LLC, 1511 Superior Ave NE, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Stark County Homes LLC, 638 Harrison Ave SW, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark LLC, 1529 16th St NE, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark LLC, 1738 Maple Ave NE, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark LLC, 2111 20th St NE, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark LLC, 2814 Daleford Ave NE, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark LLC, 913 Park Ave SW, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark, LLC, 1522 Frazer Ave NW, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark, LLC, 1828 Wertz Ave SW, $385,500.

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Welcome Home Stark, LLC, 2609 11th St SW, $385,500.

Walnut Grove Ventures LLC from Shaws Properties LLC, 1707 6th St SW, $107,800.

Canton Township

Cerrato Tamara Lynn from Bissell David W & Marsha J, 3800 Rexdale St SW, $220,000.

Korpi Tonja & Larry from Henkel Gerald L Jr, 617 Ironwood St SW, $178,000.

Lippert Charleen & Matthew from Lippert Sharon E, 1311 Blue Ave SE, $130,000.

Lippert Charleen & Matthew from Lippert Sharon E, parcel 1305174 Violet Ave SW, $130,000.

Lippert Charleen & Matthew from Lippert Sharon E, parcel 1305355 Violet Ave SE, $130,000.

Magary Gary F from Flanigan Raymond L & Patricia J, 1425 Stadium Overlook Dr NW, $170,000.

Ray Gregory S & Lorraine S from Nolan Rentals LLC, 3224 Varley Ave SW, $80,000.

Schaffner Kyle S from Berry-Volpe Bruce A, 3721 Sherman Church Ave SW, $135,000.

Swartzmiller Clayton from Marmzson Ventures LLC, parcel 1303717 Sherr Ave SE, $5,495.

Thomas Zachary B Aka Zachary from Natale Philip J & Dennis F Sr, 1735 Faircrest St SE, $210,000.

Jackson Township

Easley Annamarie & Maria from Parks Joel, 7014 Chippewa Ave NW, $249,900.

Hayden Michaelena Molly & Robert from Patel Bobbie E, 4501 Larchwood Cir NW, $320,000.

Horne Justin D & Baylee J from Horne Daniel K & Robert G, 8810 Wonderland Ave NW, $203,000.

Jenkins Glenda J & Cotton Timothy A from Arnold James R & Angela L, 4000 Hyatt Ave NW, $270,000.

Milosevic Thomas & Lauren from Castello Derrick L & Lauren, 6190 Margate Ave NW, $500,000.

Mitchell Robert A & Ashley from Schlabach Mark R, 7082 Celina St NW, $305,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Maxsam Investments LLC, 3778 Old Hickory Ave NW, $73,000.

Singer Adam & Nicole from Bowman Timothy P, 5045 Nobles Pond Dr NW, $545,000.

Strategic Real Estate Inc from Shirey James Fred & Robin L, 4729 Crystal Lake Ave NW, $105,000.

Lake Township

BG Custom Homes Inc from Danbury Glen Estates LLC, parcel 10008105 Heatherby LN NE, $68,000.

Esber Jonathan P & Allison C from Whittaker Danny T &Tammy L, 9102 Humberside Ave NW, $440,000.

Filus Daniel J & Kelly M from Hickey Danielle C & Ryan D, 3860 Arlind St NW, $405,500.

Glavic Laurence D & Jean M from Sheets Zachery M, 8311 Pheasant Ave NW, $245,000.

Holmer Scott Bradley & Jennifer Carlene from Hergenrather Ruth & Glen, 1405 Cove St NW, $171,250.

Marquette Vincent & Drew Teresa from Mcclary Thomas L, 908 Meandering Creek St SW, $310,000.

Mcclellan Robbie from Goodwin Linda T, 10320 Wanda Cir NE, $320,000.

Mcclellan Robbie from Goodwin Linda T, parcel 1901335 Middlebranch Ave NE, $320,000.

Meraj Hasan & Emily Dawn from Weaver Lavonne Trustee, parcel 2204235 Dahlia St NW, $170,000.

Perry Scott E from Perry Tyler Jae & Tyler Aaron, 1705 Cornerstone St SW, $420,000.

Rastetter Robert C from Fortune Jacob D, 8521 Pleasantwood Ave NW, $225,000.

Shearer Cameron D & Hall Kearstyn T from Schlabach Todd D & Deanna L, 3380 Swamp St NE, $200,000.

Soto Marco A from Wagler Chad A and Kimberly D, 1648 Plateau St NE, $285,000.

Varner Jared & Aubrey from Simmons Douglass L & Joanne, 10737 Withington Ave NW, $319,900.

Lawrence Township

Boylen Pamela F from Smith Arvella, parcel 2600713 Dellway St NW, $5,000.

Carnahan Karen & Tim from Seeling Jennifer A, 11906 Tritts St NW, $486,000.

Feielin Wade M from Heim Jane A & Jonathan B Co-Ttees, 13877 Bluffton St NW, $240,000.

Roush Felicia Kay from Porter Edward L & Connie A, 10820 Yare Cir NW, $190,000.

Lexington Township

Brogan James L from Brogan James L & Krueck Melana Mui-Ying, 13820 Union Ave NE, $50,550.

Hartman Heather Lynne from Lange Kirk E & Lisa D, 13566 Pennsylvania St NE, $171,900.

Krueck Melana Mui-Ying Chan from Krueck Melana Mui-Ying Chan, parcel 10015418 Greenbower St NE, $42,550.

Mcilvain Justin A & Katie J from Andrews Nicole L, 423 Kentwood Ave NE, $238,000.


Bordner Construction LLC from Miranoma Inc, parcel 3605678 Presidents Ave, $33,000.

CCNL Properties LLC from JBF Realty LLC, 405 Navaho St, $146,600.

Dunn Scott A & Rachel M from Millard David, 1227 W Chester Dr, $375,000.

Mckeever Peyton A from Garrison Mark A & Lisa M, 1438 E Main St, $125,000.

Marlboro Township

Coumos Farms LLC from H & H Property Holdings LLC, parcel 3104853 Swamp Rd NE, $150,898.


Atwood Angela M & Donald Matthew from Burkhart Kimberly Marie & Robin, 2727 Mill Creek Run NE, $523,000.

Bay Street Homes LLC from SL Real Estate LLC, 450 South Ave SE, $93,000.

Bissell David W & Marhsa J from Balizet Thomas E Trustee of the Thomas E, 2076 University Commons Dr SE, $240,000.

Blackhawk Investments LLC from Taylor Nicole M, 1737 Mohican St SE, $35,000.

Broderick Street Homes LLC from Camp Rick A & Joan F, 2517 Rhode Island Ave SE, $155,000.

Clawson Megan from Snyder Alexis Renae, 833 Wyoming PL NE, $136,500.

Fisher Cat Investments Ltd from Kato Business Enterprises LLC, 316 11th St SE, $340,000.

Frangos Joseph P & Melanie T from Finefrock Darren S & Lauren, 1010 State Ave NE, $132,000.

Fry Edith A from Singer Adam & Nicole, 1633 10th St NE, $331,000.

Hanna Daniel L Jr & Christine E from Maier Helen E, 1251 Lennox Ave NE, $245,000.

Kimble Louella K from Green Joseph & Lisa, parcel 500153 17th St SW, $5,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC from Bowman Linda S, 412 3rd St NE, $57,500.

Nycum Landon M from Nycum Eric & Michelle, 503 19th St NW, $125,500.

R&M Volke Masonry & Home Improvement from Shane Wagler Properties LLC, 820 Parkview St NE, $75,000.

Rogers Lynne M from Hockenberry Robert H, 2141 Amherst Rd NE, $219,000.

Snyder Samuel Austin from Domer Joanne M, 503 Standish Ave NW, $118,000.

Tumey Alan & Leonti Gerald from Mcclung Eric J, 730 Rotch Ave NE, $145,000.

Nimishillen Township

Adams Daniel II & Michelle from Nice City Homes LLC, 4205 Broadway Ave, $42,000.

Belz Amanda from Kroah Jason A & Amym, 4184 Chester Ave, $177,500.

Belz Amanda from Kroah Jason A & Amym, parcel 3303096 Chester Ave NE, $177,500.

Garrison Lisa M & Mark A from Best Richard L & Judy K, 7455 Gayview St, $195,000.

Garrison Lisa M & Mark A from Best Richard L & Judy K, parcel 3304975 Gayview St NE, $195,000.

Millard David from Dunn Scott Allen & Rachel Michelle, 3544 Meese Rd, $210,000.

Polilli-Malzer Rebecca A & Malzer from Gifford Billy J Jr & Joyce D, 5396 Francesca St, $215,100.

North Canton

Galvin James & Christine from Taylor Kay A, 150 Parkview Ave NW, $153,225.

Pontz David Jr from Clevenger Andrew M, 1406 Westfield Ave SW, $239,000.

Springer Jeffery T & Anne Marie from Rose John P & Lesli R, 1416 Ellesmere Ave NW, $199,000.

Titus Dylan from Emro Properties LLC, 502 Whittier Ave NW, $200,000.

Wanner Family Properties LLC from Sal Investment Properties LLC, 822 S Main St, $145,000.

Osnaburg Township

Kilgore William P & Jennifer Lee from Orsini Amber, 1180 Evening Star Ave SE, $701,000.

Kinsey Austin from Classic Investment Funding LLC, 421 Nassau St W, $78,000.

Paris Township

Berry Derek Andrew & Brittany from Connelley Thomas E Jr & Christina L, 619 E Lincoln Way, $75,000.

Brown Dennis & Amber from Lehigh Taravuth & Mirsha, 510 East St, $140,000.

Dulaney Mitchel from Stertzbach Cade D & Duckett Taylor R, 804 Stafford St, $163,000.

Griffith Isaac from Oshanski Lisa F, 11148 Lincoln St SE, $129,000.

Tanner Betty from Curry Rachel N, 1604 Robertsville Ave, $2,000.

Perry Township

Armstrong Cassandra & Butler Kyle from Burdett Cory R, 227 Eden Ave NW, $175,000.

Brannan Nicholas from Anderson Helen K, 520 Oneida Ave NW, $211,000.

Bross Laurie A from Daugherty Harold L & Donna K, 5687 Fohl Rd SW, $139,900.

Burkett Betty J & Kisner Brett T from Voina Margie L, 1015 Citadel Ave NW, $147,000.

Garrett Chuck from Millin Desiree L, 145 Fairlawn Ave SW, $131,000.

Halter Lane C Jr from James Benjamin G, 3646 Mollane St NW, $167,500.

Hammel Rose P from Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, 5185 Richville Dr SW, $115,000.

Kimble Michael B & Hershberger Amy A from SMB Investments LLC, 186 Elizabeth Ave SW, $154,397.

MKM-MN Land Management LLC from Tusc Investments Ltd, 4825 Tuscarawas St W, $1,400,000.

Morales Joseph Edward from KSH Properties LLC, 4871 Arbor Rd SW, $135,000.

Patel Bobbie E from Grand Betty Jean, 645 Kolpwood Ave NW, $210,000.

Pifer Thomas H & Constance M from Chambers Scott, 4059 Faircrest St SW, $17,500.

Raber Roy J & Kathleen T from Birtalan Michael J, 149 Cayuga Ave NW, $142,400.

Roxbury Eric & Lindsay from Galati Paul, 431 Austin Ave NW, $270,000.

Swaldo Debra from Spinden Brian G & Elizabeth, 306 Belle Ave NW, $59,900.

Pike Township

Codispoti Frank L from Elliott Curtis G, parcel 4801373 Briggle Ave SW, $45,300.

Mayle Brian M from Mccarty Brent A & Ashley L, 6909 East Sparta Ave SE, $255,000.

Milhoan Stephen F from Beck Russell, 10048 Valleydale St SE, $197,000.

Plain Township

Charnetzky Patricia Lynn from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1273 Southbrook Cir NE, $388,190.

Dreger Kyle Quinn & Emily Rose from Bruce Jesse S & Katie L, 1339 Stonington Rd NW, $330,000.

Glitzenstein Jodi from Stein James R Trustee, 1656 Ridgecliff Cir NE, $493,000.

Henderson Karen L Trustee from Holb Susan Ttee, 7010 Rolling Ridge Rd NE, $180,000.

Hopkins Caitlin S from Smart Manuel, 4725 Orchard Dale Dr NW, $245,000.

Howard Luke & Halbach Erin A from Korte Robert A Ttee, 3125 Clearview Ave NW, $268,000.

Hunka Rachel E & Corey J from Karam Edmund H. II & Angela S., 3782 Overhill Dr NW, $455,000.

Kirkbride Alison & Bruce from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 3403 Stoneleigh Rd NE, $436,115.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 3415 Boettler St NE, $72,000.

Petit Mark Alan & Lori Jean from Snodgrass Stephen & Brittany, 2926 Shallowford Rd NE, $365,000.

Petra Rentals Ltd from Whitehead Beatrice A & Mark F, 2022 39th St NW, $80,000.

Pitinii Fredrick M from Woodland Property Management LLC, 2416 Cathy Dr NE, $67,000.

Schaffner Kent A & Lynnette M from Strouble Lucas C, 3534 Boettler St NE, $210,000.

Smelko Daniel D & Kristen M from Reed Richard R & Sharon K, 6880 Birchbark Ave NE, $359,900.

Sandy Township

Ingledue Deborah Ann from Dechellis Charles S Joanne M, parcel 6100764 Mapledale Ave SE, $3,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Brothers Christine A from Gatewood Candace M Ttee, 230 3rd Ave NW, $100,000.

Vest Weis Ag Ventures LLC from Leam Farm Ltd, 11010 Poorman St SW, $1,387,500.

Tuscarawas Township

Cain Rachel from Baker Brendon D & Cain Rachel, 2439 Bakerwood Dr SW, $52,750.

Washington Township

Thomas Joral Y from Baxter Richard Dean Ttee, 2535 Queensbury Rd, $315,000.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Stark County real estate transfers July 16-22