St. Louis grandmother pleads for help in finding missing grandson

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis grandmother is searching for her grandson, who appears to have vanished in the Kansas City area. The search for 19-year-old T’Montez Hurt is causing significant distress. Grandmother Tecona Donald-Sullivan says, “Please help me bring my grandson home safely.”

Hurt has been missing since February 1. Hurt last appeared in the vicinity of 12th Street and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, donning a royal blue polo shirt and green pants.

Police went to his location and an ambulance took him to a hospital for evaluation. He was discharged days later and the hospital called him a taxi to the Greyhound station so he could return to St. Louis.

His grandmother says  surveillance video shows him at the Kansas City Greyhound bus station, but he did not get on the bus.

His family is concerned for his safety. “I don’t know what is going on. I was talking to him; he was in distress. They put him in a cab. I have not seen him since,” said Donald-Sullivan.

Hurt was a freshman at Missouri Western University last fall, but he did not return this spring. His family raised enough money for his tuition to return next semester.

Donald-Sullivan stated that Hurt told her he believed someone may have drugged him. She said that after he got into the cab, she never spoke to him again.

She’s hoping to get national attention on her missing grandson in light of the exposure Riley Strain received during that search earlier this month, and she says she’s wondering why it took authorities so long to issue a missing person alert.

“My heart goes out to the Riley family, because sometimes we don’t understand what this is all about until it hosts our door steps. ” Montez has been missing since February 1,” said Donald-Sullivan. “I got not one piece of help from the police at all or any type of help from the KC community.”

“I have not lost hope. I feel like he is alive. “Maybe his face can go national and can help bring him home,” said Donald-Sullivan.

Anyone with information regarding hurts whereabouts can contact the police.

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