SRO arrested after domestic violence incident in Wrightsville Beach, CMPD says

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officer Nakeya Nelson was arrested after a domestic violence incident that happened Sunday in Wrightsville Beach, police said.

Nelson was charged with assault and battery.

She will be placed on administrative assignment pending the Internal Affairs investigation.

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Nelson was hired on Oct. 27, 2014, and is assigned to the Education Outreach & Youth Services Division as a school resource officer at Randolph Middle School.

One other person was arrested connected to the incident, police said.

“Yesterday, one of our officers was arrested during a domestic violence situation in New Hanover County,” said CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings in a news release. “The CMPD will continue to gather all the facts about this incident, and we will allow Internal Affairs to conduct a full investigation. Our officers and their actions are scrutinized heavily in and out of the uniform because of their profession. However, we hold them to a high standard, and any time their actions fall short of those standards, they will be held accountable.”

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