‘Squirtle Lane’: Las Vegas property company names streets after Pokémon characters


A new housing development in Las Vegas is making headlines for its streets named after Pokémon characters.

Property company Harmony Homes decided on the Pokémon-themed street names, such as Squirtle Lane, Jigglypuff Place and Snorlax Lane, for the neighborhood of Henderson in Las Vegas.

Andrea Miller, project construction manager of the new housing development, told KLAS 8 News that they chose Pokémon names since they aren’t typically used. It can be a challenge when submitting names for a new neighborhood since many of them might already be in use elsewhere.

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Miller shared that her two sons, aged 11 and 14, are “obsessed with Pokémon,” which is how she first got the idea to name streets after some of the franchise’s most iconic characters.

"When I hear Jigglypuff, I giggle," Miller also told KLAS 8 News. "When you're coming home from work and you had a bad day and you have to turn on Jigglypuff Lane, that will make you smile."

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