Springfield attorney has law license suspended indefinitely after domestic assault case

The Supreme Court of Missouri announced Tuesday that a Springfield lawyer's law license will be suspended indefinitely after he pleaded guilty to two charges in a domestic violence case.

Aaron Klusmeyer, 37, must wait a year before he can apply for reinstatement, according to Tuesday's order. Klusmeyer, an attorney with Lowther Johnson Attorneys at Law, pleaded guilty in May to unlawful use of a weapon (a Class E felony) and fourth-degree domestic assault (a Class A misdemeanor) following an incident from February of 2019 where he pointed a loaded gun at himself and his then-wife.

Klusmeyer was sentenced to five years probation under a Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS) on the felony charge, meaning the conviction will go off his record if he successfully completes probation.

At sentencing, Klusmeyer's attorney argued that Klusmeyer's alcoholism was a major factor in the domestic violence incident and that Klusmeyer had since gotten sober. A condition of Klusmeyer's probation is to not consume or possess alcoholic beverages. He also must submit to drug/alcohol testing when requested by his probation offer.

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In a legal filing opposing the professional suspension, Klusmeyer's attorney argued the terms of the probation were enough to ensure Klusmeyer stayed on the right path and that he should be allowed to continue practicing law and make money to go toward paying restitution to the victim in his case.

Tuesday's order from the Missouri Supreme Court states that if Klusmeyer applies for reinstatement of his license, the court will take into consideration whether he has any contact with the victim and whether he participates in appropriate treatment pertaining to domestic violence.

This article originally appeared on Springfield News-Leader: Springfield attorney suspended after guilty plea to domestic violence