Spotify and BandPage team up to turn music streams into sales

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BandPage + Spotify

Spotify is joining forces with musician profile service BandPage so that artists and groups can engage directly with their fans and offer them concert tickets, merchandising and VIP experiences.

"For so long, musicians haven't effectively been able to reach their fans with the right merch and VIP experiences across major streaming services. This partnership opens up a new revenue stream that enables musicians to sell directly to 40 million fans at the moment they are most engaged and listening to a musician's song," said J Sider, Founder and CEO of BandPage.

BandPage already allows solo artists and groups to set up a central profile and use that page to sell merchandise and promote upcoming events, but the new integration with Spotify takes things to another level and will offer social media savvy musicians in particular a host of creative opportunities.

Although the integrated service only went live on Wednesday, Porter Robinson is already using it to sell a meet-and-greet and a prop from his latest video (for $39.99) and country singer Miranda Lambert is offering a one-of-a-kind koozie (beer cooler) and t-shirt for $25.

"My fans are very important to me, so this opportunity to offer them something special is exciting," said Lambert. "It's great that BandPage and Spotify are enabling musicians to connect with their fans in new ways."

As one of the world's biggest music streaming services, Spotify is often singled out when the industry and musicians alike criticize the very small revenues that streaming, rather than single or album sales, generate. The partnership with BandPage will help the company counter some of this criticism.