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The earliest form of football can be traced back to the Han dynasty. The Chinese played a game called Cuju, which translates to kickball. Around the same time, several versions of the same game started to emerge in different cultures across the globe (some independently and some not).

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Since its popularity in the last century, soccer has emerged as one of the world's leading sports. Based on the sports fanbase, revenue, and branding across the globe and decades, you can easily tell that soccer is the world's favourite.

The rise of kickball and football has opened up opportunities in several other sporting areas, including sports betting, sportswear, athlete consumer goods, amongst many others.

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Gambling is an ancient profession and usually finds its way into competitive sports or outcomes on which wagers could be placed. So inevitably, it also found it's a way in football as well. This gave fans the option not only to participate as an audience but to have an actual stake in the outcome of the match. The legality of gambling has always been changing or modified over time; dictating how a user is likely to gamble based on his/her location, and the period in which they lived in.

When it comes to betting on soccer or betting in general, it's essential to be conscious of two things: how do you mitigate risk and how do you maximize your potential for profit.

Neither can be easy when you're betting for the long haul. And to help a user manage risk and achieve better returns, provides reliable and accurate soccer predictions to bettors and tipsters around the world. A user can get insight into the outcome of a match based on the tip and tipster they choose to follow.

And before a user has to pay for a tip, they have access to all tipsters' past performances, correct predictions, hit rates, miss rates, predictions made in the past, upcoming predictions, etc. Apart from building trust with the platform a bettor uses, it's crucial also to build trust with other members in the ecosystem. For example, some tipsters have an excellent hit rate or success ratio for a particular league or team's games. And some tipsters have an outstanding hit rate in general. Some tipsters favour lesser-known leagues and make great calls to earn maximum profit with a little inside knowledge.

To have the edge over competitors and the bookie, it's important to have real-time information available. This also enables you to make bets in real-time on the platform. Moreover, with real-time updates of live odds, it's easy to compare different odds offered by different bookies before making a bet. Regular updates enable a bettor to make the best possible decision with all options available at his or her disposal. With the help of information, predictions, live scores, live odds, and soccer articles, a bettor can not only beat the bookie in any given wager but also ensure they achieve significantly higher returns than they would otherwise (without access to resources and information).

When a person needs advice on where to invest their money, they may opt to go to a financial planner, and when one needs advice on their respective health, they opt to go to a doctor or hospital. The basic premise of that is when one needs specialized advice, they should get it from a specialized professional service. In the same way, when it comes to making a wager or specifically, making a wager on soccer matches, it only makes sense to rely on a specialized service such as Bettors who use predictions tend to have a better hit rate and as well as mitigate calculated risks associated with betting. offers betting and trading information on its platform and helps connect a user to the right predictions and tipsters. On the right platform, that can happen with ease, but on most other platforms, it can be a hassle to find the right predictions as well as the right tipsters that suit their betting needs. But it can also take a lot of time and money if not done right. can help clients achieve better returns by saving on time and money as well as outsourcing the hard part of researching and making a bet to a specialized service. A punter will still be required to do their research when it comes to selecting predictions and tipsters based on records available.

Apart from that, the platform also plays the role of auditor by recording each bet made by a tipster. This is recorded and can be accessed by other bettors that would like to evaluate a tipster's genuine performance and important metrics that make a good tipster. It's hard to trust someone unless you have something tangible to build that trust on and past parameters can be a great way to do that.

Transparency builds trust with all members involved in the process, and this includes customers, users, tipsters, sports bookies, etc. If a user is sceptical about using the service, especially a new user, the platform enables customers to have access to free daily predictions that are limited in number, but that helps legitimize predictions before a bettor has to use the platform or pay for a tip. By adopting modern technology and staying up to date with the latest trends, users and tipsters benefit from an easy to use interface with good design and several options as well as filters. By being involved in every step of the process, helps make a tipster and bettors' job easier through reliable services.


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