'They specialize in melancholy': Ex-UK PM Johnson blasts West's pessimism on Ukraine

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
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During the Munich Security Conference in February 2022, before Russia's invasion, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was disappointed with the position of some Western representatives on Ukraine voiced on the sidelines of the forum, he said in an interview with NV released on March 8.

Johnson reacted to a remark by NV journalist Olha Dukhnich about the recent Munich Security Conference 2024 where "there was a certain melancholy and confusion among some European countries, a reluctance to do more than what is already being done, especially against the backdrop of events in the United States."

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"Oh my God, they are all about melancholy!" Johnson said.

“They specialize in melancholy in Munich! As long as I've been there, they have specialized in it.”

As an example, he cited the Munich Conference in February 2022, which he attended as Prime Minister just before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

"It was so sad back then," Johnson said.

“I'll tell you what they talked about. So, I had a meeting with one group of people. I won't say what country they were from, but they said: ‘Oh, this is so terrible. Oh, no. Oh, no. Putin is so strong. Wouldn't it be better if... Maybe it would be better if Ukrainians didn't fight so much, and this war would end very soon.’ And I was just struck by this negativity and this pessimism.”

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He acknowledged that now "there is a slowly emerging European realization that this [supporting Ukraine] is critically important".

"Look at the French. Until recently, they did not want SCALP cruise missiles to be used in Crimea," Johnson stated.

“Now they are saying: ‘Okay’. The Germans, traditionally very, very pacifist. Now they have actually overtaken the UK in terms of spending, although I'm ashamed to tell you this. So, in 2024, you will have 8 billion euros ($8.8 billion) from Germany. The European Parliament has just voted for another large aid package, bringing the total EU support to about 50 billion euros ($54.7 billion). So, the EU's military support is already greater than that provided by the United States.”

He also cited a historical analogy of how long Britain had to wait for the United States to participate in World War II.

"Britain was on its own for a long time in 1940, 1941, 1942," Johnson concluded.

"America finally showed up in 1942, or at the end of 1941. They waited until we had really spent a lot of money and were in a very bad position. But America will always do the right thing in the end. And I think that the president of the United States, whoever it is, will be very interested in the success of Ukraine and in not letting Putin win."

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