Speaker Boehner Cancels Big Fundraising Retreat to Stay in D.C

Shane Goldmacher

House Speaker John Boehner is postponing a major fundraising retreat that had been planned for this weekend due to the ongoing fight over keeping the government open into October.

The event had been slated to be held at the Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Va., and it was supposed to mark the kickoff of a renewed effort by the speaker to tap Washington donors for more campaign cash. It was supposed to be a two-day soiree, put together and attended by K Street types.

But with the federal government on the brink of a potential Oct. 1 shutdown, the speaker's team has postponed the event, with hopes to reschedule it for later in the fall, according to a Republican aide familiar with the event planning.

The Senate on Friday approved a bill to keep the government funded through mid-November while stripping out provisions that would have cut off funding for President Obama's health care law.

Now the House must act and Boehner must decide whether to allow a vote on a so-called "clean" bill to keep the government open, or to insert other provisions and ping-pong legislation more favorable to Republicans back to the Senate. Given the calendar crunch, the latter would likely precipitate a government shutdown.