Spain king's relative fails to pay bail in fraud case, court to begin embargoing property

The Associated Press

MADRID - A Spanish court says the king's son-in-law and his former business partner have failed to pay bail of €8.2 million ($11.1 million) while awaiting their possible trial in a corruption case that has been troubling the monarchy for years.

The Palma de Mallorca court said Thursday that it will begin embargoing their properties over the coming days. Being a civil case, the two will not go to jail for not paying the sum.

Inaki Urdangarin, who is married to the king's second daughter, Princess Cristina, hasn't been charged with a crime but is a suspect in a case in which he and his partner allegedly funneled about €5 million in public funds to companies they controlled.

Urdangarin' was sidelined from all official royal activities last year.