Southwest Airlines Pilots Association President: I would not fly Southwest right now

Southwest Airlines Pilot Association President addresses recent issues with the airline and possible strike.
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Key Video Takeaways

00:04: On if he would fly Southwest right now

00:18: 'Our pilots have been whistleblowers for years'

00:30: Southwest statement

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: If you were a customer, would you fly Southwest right now?

CASEY MURRAY: Well, I wouldn't right now. I think that's clear. I think that's Southwest. And that's really a strong statement because, again, this is really about the heart of Southwest Airlines. Our pilots have been whistleblowers for years over all the things that have been going wrong that have led to our unreliability and these meltdowns that continue to occur.

DAVE BRIGGS: I just want to make sure we get a statement from Southwest regarding the vote. Quote, "The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association's call for an authorization vote does not affect Southwest operation or our ability to take care of our customers. The union's potential vote does not hinder our ongoing efforts at the negotiating table. We are scheduled to resume mediation on January 24."