Southern defence forces on explosions in Sevastopol: There are consequences if you shoot "combat mosquitoes" with S-300 missiles


The southern defence forces of Ukraine suspect that failed launches of air defence missiles by the Russian invaders could be a reason for explosions in the occupied city of Sevastopol on Saturday.

Source: Nataliia Humeniuk, Head of the joint press centre for Operational Command Pivden (South), on air during the national joint 24/7 newscast on 29 October

Quote: "There is no official confirmation yet, but there is an understanding that, if you are afraid of "combat mosquitoes" and use aggressive air defence systems against them (if you try to strike mosquitoes with S-300 missiles), this can lead to the exact opposite reaction.

These missiles have significant destructive power, and they are destroying what is truly at fault in creating this situation. Therefore, failed launches of air defence missiles may well be the reason; we will receive official information later."

Background: Explosions rang out in the Russian-occupied city of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula on the morning of 29 October. Russia has claimed that its ships were "repelling a UAV attack".

There was unverified and unconfirmed information about damage to several vessels of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

Later, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly attacked the occupied city of Sevastopol with UAVs at 4:00 on 29 October. They also confirmed that the Ivan Holubets, a sea trawler, was damaged.

Previously: Vasily Nebenzya, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, has said that the Russian occupiers allegedly discovered drones in Ukraine that can "spread mosquitoes infected with dangerous viruses."

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