This new South Carolina driving law takes effect Sunday. Here’s what you need to know

South Carolina’s new “move over” highway law goes into effect on Sunday and could cost drivers a fine of $25 for each infraction.

The S.C. Department of Transportation has been installing “Slower Traffic Move Right” signs along state highways every 35 miles, as required by HB 3011, which passed in May. Motorists will also be alerted to the change via electronic messaging.

The new law calls for drivers to steer clear of the far left lane, except when passing another vehicle, though other exceptions apply, such as:

  • when there is no other vehicle directly behind the driver in the left lane

  • when traffic is causing a multi-lane congestion

  • when weather conditions make it safer to drive in the left lane

  • when the right lane is obstructed for any reason

It is still illegal to tail another vehicle too closely, even if the left lane driver is violating the law.

Law enforcement also can’t search a driver’s vehicle solely because of this violation.

Violation of the law is not a criminal act and will not be included on a driver’s motor vehicle record or to insurance companies.