Sound Transit advises Link riders to plan for service impacts during Columbia City platform work

Travelers who use Link light rail may want to allow more time for trips this month as Sound Transit prepares to begin two weeks of platform work at the Columbia City Station.

From Aug. 19 through Sept. 1, the southbound track at the station will be closed and passengers traveling in either direction will need to board on the northbound platform.

During the two-week closure, crews will make improvements, including removing and replacing existing tiles, which will help eliminate trapping hazards and safety risks from cracking tiles.

Sound Transit says passengers should pay attention to the direction of the trains arriving at the station as that will be the direction the trains will continue.

From 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., every other 1-Line train headed south will stop at Stadium Station rather than continuing south until reaching Angle Lake Station.

Passengers on trains that terminate at Stadium Station will have to wait about 10 minutes before boarding the next train south.

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To avoid having to transfer at Stadium Station, southbound passengers are advised to board trains whose signage indicates their destination is Angle Lake.

Early morning and late evening trains will run every 20 minutes between the Northgate and Angle Lake stations.

Sound Transit personnel will be available at Stadium Station to assist passengers during this two-week period.

Sound Transit says this work is the first in a series of “Future Ready” projects as the agency plans to more than double the length of the light rail system over the next few years.

In preparation for this and other upcoming work, the agency recommends travelers sign up for its Rider Alerts, which will include frequent updates and information to help them plan their rides.

Other planned Future Ready projects include electrical work to minimize future disruptions in downtown Seattle and replacing over three miles of overhead wire between Rainier Beach and Tukwila International Boulevard stations to increase reliable train performance.