What songs should Usher perform at the Super Bowl halftime show? He wants your vote

Usher has quite the task before him in deciding which songs to perform during his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

The eight-time Grammy winner tells TODAY.com that he’s “still working on” his set list and is building out a schedule for the roughly 13 minutes allotted for his performance.

“Now think about this,” he says to TODAY.com, “those 12 minutes (of this interview), that’s how long the Super Bowl moment’s going to be. I got to put all that in those magic 13 minutes.”

He invited fans to help him pick songs during a visit to TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Nov. 1 and you can cast your vote below.

The "Yeah!" singer was announced as the headlining performer for the coveted halftime show in September. Usher tells TODAY.com that Jay-Z personally called him with the offer. He notes that this will be his second time performing at the Super Bowl, following his guest appearance in 2011 when he joined the Black Eyed Peas and performed his song “Omg” with will.i.am.

"It was one of those calls that you're like I worked and worked and worked to be able to have this moment. I'm hoping that eventually I'm going to get that call because it's his decision to make," he says.

In building his set list, Usher says his 15-year-old son has been a big help.

"He's giving me some really good suggestions," Usher says. "He's quiet about other things, but not quiet about music."

Usher says he'd be all too happy to return the favor if his son pursues music one day.

"I hope so," he says of his son picking up the family trade. "If he decides to, he's got a great coach."

During his ongoing Las Vegas residency — which wraps up December 2 — Usher has brought celebrity guests onstage, like Jessica Alba or, famously, Keke Palmer (more on that here). He's also known for his music collaborations.

Hoda and Jenna asked Usher on TODAY if he was interested in copying the format for the Super Bowl, which will also take place in Las Vegas, and bringing up a music collaborator.

Usher asked the Hoda and Jenna for their thoughts on potential guest appearances and they suggested Justin Bieber and Palmer. Usher was an early champion of Bieber after the singer was first discovered on YouTube as a young teenager in 2008.

Along with helping Usher to pick his Super Bowl halftime show songs, TODAY is inviting you to pick which music collaborators you'd like to see "get Ushered" on Feb. 11.

Who should join Usher onstage at the Super Bowl?

What songs should Usher perform?

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