Soldier wounded in Afghan training accident thought Taliban were attacking

The Canadian Press

CALGARY - A soldier wounded during a fatal training accident in Afghanistan more than two years ago says he thought the Taliban were attacking.

Master Cpl. William Pylypow (pill-uh-POW') told a Calgary court martial that he was in a direct line behind a Claymore anti-personnel mine when it went off.

He said he first felt the force of the explosion and then felt two ball bearings pierce his arm.

Pylypow said he worried that he had lost his arm and, while he was in shock, thought that the Taliban had found a way to get to them.

He said he was about a metre away from Cpl. Josh Baker, who died in the explosion.

Maj. Darryl Watts faces six charges, including manslaughter, and is accused of not making sure his men were properly trained on the use of the anti-personnel mine.