Solayo is a free music streaming service that wrangles content from YouTube, SoundCloud and Dailymotion

Daniel Bean

Looking for a tune online? A new music roundup service called Solayo scours the web and finds songs and music videos to quench all your listening and viewing desires, for free.

Unlike Spotify or Rdio, Solayo is not a music streaming service with digital rights agreements with content providers. Instead, the site aggregates and queues content from YouTube, SoundCloud and Dailymotion that you request, along with content it recommends based on your interests. This could get it in legal trouble later; for now, though, it is simply finding content that has already been uploaded and linking to it.

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To get started, you create a profile on Once that's set up, begin searching for whatever artist, song or genre it is you fancy.

Solayo searches can be filtered by content provider, and any single result can be played, added to the current play queue or saved to personalized playlists. Media controls and video playback are all located in the top right corner of the web app, but videos can be full-screened with a just click. Your play queue and playlists show up right under the content window.

There’s also a radio feature on Solayo that fills your play queue with random content within the genre you’ve selected, like Rock, Dance, Hip-hop or Reggae.

Though this free service does not appear to be Spotify competitor, Solayo does offer similar, deep social networking integration. You can easily post to Facebook or tweet what you’re currently listening to and even befriend other Solayo users to view each other’s activity and share playlists. Editor’s choice and Top 100 playlists are displayed on the Home screen of the site as well.

The project is still very new, but the creators behind Solayo hope for the service to become a real solution for the seamless streaming of content from various sites, as explained in a blog post by the team.

“We believe that it is time for people to be able to search their video or music content from as many source providers out there and not only that, but the ability to listen/watch and collect these contents should be as easy and mesmerising as possible.”

You can try Solayo right here.

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