Social media cracks jokes about Canada, Via Rail terrorism plot

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Terrorism in the country of maple syrup and beavers? How quaint.

Absurd as it sounds, when news that two men had been arrested in Canada on charges connected with a plot to derail a passenger train near Toronto, according to the Canadian Press, many reacted on Twitter with jokes.

Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser were scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday morning on charges of conspiracy to murder in connection with a terrorist group, CP reported.

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While friendly-Canadian stereotypes might be amusing for tourist tales, it's unnerving that terrorism could evoke such a lighthearted reaction. From jokes about Céline Dion to the film Argo, even Fox News joined in with the handful of people who were apparently under the impression that when violence is threatened in Canada, it's good for a hearty laugh.

Shepard Smith, a Fox anchor, introduced a press conference about the story by mocking the police officer's bilingualism.

"It's how they roll," he said.

He added, sarcastically, that he was sure the details would be "fascinating." However, Canadian journalists also noted the press conference was unusually slow-paced and uninformative.

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Certainly, others criticized distasteful comments and many were engaged with the situation. Here is a selection of Tweets on the subject, both intelligent and — otherwise.