SNL's Andy Samberg Spoofs Zuckerberg at f8 Conference

Samantha Murphy
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, left, and comedian Adam Samberg, right, smile during the f/8 conference in San Francisco, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011. Facebook is dramatically redesigning its users' profile pages to create what CEO Mark Zuckerberg says is a "new way to express who you are." (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

"Saturday Night Live" comedian Andy Samberg took the stage at the f8 developers conference today (Sept. 22) pretending to be Mark Zuckerberg delivering his highly anticipated Facebook keynote about new site changes.

Clad in a hoodie and sandals — Zuckerberg's favorite attire — Samberg cracked jokes about the site's growth and user engagement.

"Let's get to the part where I brag about user growth," Samberg said. "We continue to expand to the point where we've stop counting you guys. It's more than the population of Europe, the cast of "Glee" and the amount of people claiming they came up with Facebook. Burn!"

After poking fun at Zuckerberg's profile dedicated to his dog Beast and even slipping in a Charlie Sheen joke, Samberg announced there would be a new feature called "The Slow Poke," which gives users 24 hours to "realize you're an idiot" before the poke is sent to a friend.

Mark Zuckerberg then took the stage, chuckling, to interrupt his monologue and told him to "drop the act now, man."

"The slow poke isn't even a real feature," Zuckerberg said. "The deal was I was supposed to feed you real information through the earpiece."

Samberg then pretended to be Jesse Eisenberg, the Oscar-nominated actor that played Zuckerberg in the film "The Social Network."

Samberg then morphed into Mark Walberg — so various "'Bergs" could be on stage — telling him to "Say hi to mother for me!" a reference to Samberg’s popular Walberg impersonation on "Saturday Night Live."

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