'SNL' skewers Putin

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'SNL' skewers Putin

"Saturday Night Live" skewered the U.S. response to the crisis in the Ukraine during its cold open Saturday, with President Barack Obama — portrayed by Jay Pharoah — enlisting actor Liam Neeson to talk to Russian President Vladamir Putin.

"A man like Putin doesn't listen," Neeson said. "He'd rather ride in a motorcycle gang or get photographed shirtless on a horse."

“Mr. Putin, Vladimir, I’ve never met you," Neeson, reprising his role as a hostage negotiator in "Taken," continued. "I don’t have experience in international diplomacy, but what I do have is a very specific set of skills — skills that would make me a nightmare for you. By which I mean I’m an actor in Hollywood with a lot of connections.”

Neeson then presented Putin with a video featuring Obama practicing karate, breaking rocks and arm wrestling.

Later, on "Weekend Update," two of Putin's "best friends from growing up" stopped by to defend him.

"He's the best," one them, portrayed by Fred Armisen, said. "He's a good guy. He's just nice. He's sends the funniest texts. He's just nice and funny and cool."