Smartphones now account for almost two-thirds of all mobile phones in the U.S.

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Smartphone Adoption United States
Smartphone Adoption United States

America really has become smartphone nation. Nielsen estimates in its latest survey of American consumers that smartphones now account for around 64% of all mobile phones used in the United States and that 80% of Americans who recently bought a new phone bought a smartphone. As far as smartphone platforms go, Nielsen found that Americans have stuck with the iOS-Android duopoly as Android phones accounted for 53% of all smartphones bought between June and August this year while iPhones accounted for 40% of all smartphones bought over the same period. Nielsen unsurprisingly reports that smartphone adoption is strongest among young people while noting that “50% of the mobile subscribers using feature phones in the U.S. were those aged 55+, highlighting significant room for smartphone growth among this group of mobile users.” A chart showing Nielsen’s findings follows below.

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