Smartphones becoming a pocketable travel advisor

AFP Relax News

Smartphones have become an indispensable companion for travelers. Smartphone owners are now using their mobile device to plan every step of their journey from booking a hotel to organizing their holiday itinerary or finding the best places to visit.

A new study from market researcher comScore has found that more than half of smartphone owners (51 percent) in the US used their device to access travel content in the three-month period ending February and close to one in five used their device to book a holiday.

“The on-the-go convenience of smartphones has facilitated their emergence as an essential companion for travelers,” said Mark Donovan, comScore SVP of mobile. “We all know how hectic a travel experience can be, but smartphones have really stepped in to meet a variety of needs for travelers, such as coordination of schedules, locations, trip itineraries and transactions.”

The most popular travel-related smartphone activity for users in the US is checking airline prices while on the go. Looking up business or airline phone numbers, checking flight schedules and making sure the flight is on time are also popular activities for smartphone owners who are planning a trip.

According to comScore males and younger smartphone owners are more likely to use their smartphone to consume travel content than females or people aged over 44.

If you’re a smartphone owner wanting to organize a holiday there are numerous apps that can facilitate every aspect of your journey. Lifehacker and Macworld have put together guides that are packed full of apps that will help you decide what to pack, how to find cheap flights or how to free WiFi when you are traveling.