Smartphone and tablet shipments to surpass 2 billion in 2013

Dan Graziano
BGR News

Smartphone Tablet Shipments 2013
Smartphone Tablet Shipments 2013

Shipments of smartphones and tablets are continuing to grow at unprecedented rates. Research firm Gartner estimates that channel sales of smartphones and tablets will surpass 2 billion units in 2013. Tablet shipments are forecasted to grow 67.9% to 202 million units, while smartphone shipments are expected to increase 4.3% to more than 1.8 billion units. In 2014, shipments are estimated to continue to grow, with smartphones shipping more than 1.9 billion units and tablets more than 275 million units. The PC industry isn’t expected to see the same success, of coruse. The firm predicts that desktop and notebook PC shipments will decline 10.6% from more than 340 million units in 2012 to 305 million units in 2013. Shipments are then expected to continue their decline moving forward, dipping below 300 million in 2014.

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