Slovakia ready to transfer T-72 tanks to Ukraine, MiG-29 jets are also in play


According to Nad, the country currently has 30 T-72 tanks at its disposal, and is ready to make them available to Ukraine – provided its Western allies will replace them with more modern tanks.

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“In summer 2022, we reached an agreement with Germany about us giving Ukraine 30 IFVs in exchange for 15 Leopard tanks,” said Nad.

“We received one tank in December 2022. We expect to be getting two tanks every month, until all of them are delivered. There’s no discussion of Slovakia transferring its Leopards to Ukraine.”

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The minister added that deciding what to do with MiG-29 jets is now Slovakia’s priority.

“As of Oct. 1, 2022, Slovakia no longer uses MiG-29s…; we are prepared to discuss handing these jets to Ukraine; we’re waiting for a corresponding decision from the Slovak government,” he said.

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Nad said his country is willing to train Ukrainian pilots in operating F-16 jets, once Slovakia receives them from the United States.

Previously, Slovakia requested Poland and Czech Republic to help patrol its airspace, while it waits for U.S.-made F-16s to be delivered.

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