The Slatest for Feb. 2: A Big Defeat for Republican Hardball Tactics

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Last year, 10 Republican state senators in Oregon tried to block a whole host of Democratic legislation by walking off the job for six weeks. Unfortunately for them, that was against their state constitution! And so, this week, the state Supreme Court decided all of them will be barred from running for reelection. Mark Joseph Stern takes a closer look at how some of the most obstructionist Republican legislators in the country got their comeuppance—including a lesson we can draw from it about the effort to disqualify Donald Trump from reelection in 2024.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images.

What exactly is going on with Republicans’ latest impeachment feeding frenzy? Ben Mathis-Lilley breaks down everything you need to know but may have been too exhausted to Google.

Quora used to be a thriving community that worked to answer our most specific questions. Nitish Pahwa explains why users are now fleeing.

A plane flies upside down in the clouds.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Getty Images Plus.

… you should read this! After a door fell off a Boeing plane, it’s reasonable to feel a little freaked out. But a bunch of safety experts who spoke to Anna Gibbs all had a clear—and reassuring—message.

Yes, that’s the new estimated total cost of the Air Force’s nuclear missile program—and, Fred Kaplan writes, it’s time to start asking whether this is really necessary. He pokes holes in the thinking behind the latest nuclear missile program decisions, and looks at how we got to be spending this much on nukes—in part because Republicans pulled a fast one during the Obama years.

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, respectively.
New Regency/Amazon MGM Studios

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the 2005 Brangelina movie, sizzled with sexual tension. Donald Glover’s reboot does something else entirely. Nadira Goffe examines how the new Prime Video series trades in crackling heat for intimacy, and “takes marriage more seriously than the film ever did.”

… that actually, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson have a point about those viral nicotine pouches. Jacob Grier explains what Chuck Schumer doesn’t understand about Zyn.

Adam Chodorow describes the excitement of that great day when he could file his tax returns over the internet—and now that process is about to get easier, if you qualify for this pilot program from the IRS.

We wish you a weekend that’s much easier than filing taxes tends to be!

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