‘Slap the S**t Out of Him’: Wayne Brady Calls Out Bill Maher for Racial Comments

Bill Maher’s tortured attempts at being funny have long since stopped being a source of entertainment for us at the Blaze, and have devolved into objects of pity. Still, Maher, who infamously has thrown every accusation of bigotry he can at the GOP while simultaneously calling harmless daughters of politicians he disagrees with “c**ts,” has to be given some credit for retaining his show while simultaneously behaving like Keith Olbermann without filters. It can’t be easy maintaining such a low level of quality while still retaining your own show.

Nevertheless, Maher has gone so far over the line recently that he’s begun catching flak from his own side. We can‘t say we’re surprised by this – being the less funny, less incisive, pay-per-view equivalent of Jon Stewart should have its problems. Unfortunately for Maher, one of those problems is his inability to talk about President Obama without invoking the very racist caricatures that he himself would slam Republicans for using. And at least one of Maher’s reference points, comedian Wayne Brady, is apparently sick of it.

Wayne Brady Says He Wants to Slap the S**t Out of Bill Maher For His Comments on Race
Wayne Brady Says He Wants to Slap the S**t Out of Bill Maher For His Comments on Race

Wayne Brady

Confused? Let us explain. One of Maher’s complaints about President Obama is, apparently, that he’s not aggressive enough as President. Fair enough – that’s a common complaint among liberals. However, Maher phrases this complaint in a (to put it charitably) risque way – specifically, by complaining that Obama doesn’t act enough like a stereotypical scary black man, instead acting more like a “Wayne Brady” figure. Never mind that these are both stereotypes, and that if any of Obama’s conservative critics said this, they’d be vilified to the ends of the earth. Right now, that‘s the least of Maher’s problems.

You see, Wayne Brady has heard this complaint from Maher, and understandably doesn’t like being turned into a synonym for emasculation. This led Brady, in an interview on a podcast today, to launch into the following hilarious rant and, we suspect, quite cathartic rant against Maher:

But even Bill Maher — like, I’ve had Bill Maher twice now, when referencing Obama, he’s like, ‘Yeah, you know, with your Wayne Brady.’ So, that means it’s a diss to Obama to be called me because he wants a brother-brother, or what he perceives. Just because you fuck black hookers, just because you have that particular black experience, and I have to stop myself from getting into it, Bill, because I realize the thing is that if I were to go on his show, or even do it online, I’m not going to win because as soon as you back off, he still has his platform to say whatever he wants to.

If he once said I want to know how black Wayne Brady is — that chip on my shoulder says that rarely do you threaten a man and you should not fear anyone. Now, I’m not saying I’m Billy Badass, but if Bill Maher has his perception of what’s black wrapped up, I would gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in the middle of the street, and then I want to see what Bill Maher would do.

Now, Bill Maher would call the cops and he would have his lawyer — I’d get sued and lose my house and it’s not worth it for me, but the black man part of me would be so satisfied to slap the shit out of him in front of Cocoa and Ebony and Fox, the three ladies of the night that he has hired … and Fancy, who also happened to be named Tyrique at one point.

Listen to Brady’s harsh but accurate words below:

Naturally enough, we at the Blaze do not condone violence, and hope that Mr. Brady will not take it upon himself to “slap the s**t” out of Maher. Nevertheless, we do wonder, purely as an academic matter, whether it would work to drive the point home about Maher’s own failings as a pundit.

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