#SkullBreaker: People are Injuring Each Other to Complete a Bizarre, Dangerous Internet Challenge

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Social media hosts various challenges every now and then where people complete a task and upload the video online. A few of the more popular social media challenges in recent times have been the #KikiChallenge, #BroomChallenge and #BottleCapChallenge.

Now, a new challenge has taken over social media platforms, especially TikTok. However, the new ‘Skullbreaker Challenge’ is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

In the challenge, three people stand side by side in a row. Now, the person standing in the middle jumps off, while the other two standing on the side kick the leg of the jumping person, making him/her fall. The aim of this bizarre challenge is to make the jumper fall on his or her back, hard enough to cause severe head injuries.

While teenagers may find it funny and intriguing, parents and adults are concerned about the consequences of the challenge. Several kids have been hurt due to this Skullbreaker Challenge, causing concerns among their parents.

A lot of parents took to Twitter to share their issues with the viral TikTok trend. A twitter user wrote, “This is the skull breaker challenge. Please please PLEASE don’t do this… People have died from this (I cut the video I received from another mum). Why do kids do these stupid things?”

Another mother pointed out, “It is unbelievable how stupid and dangerous this #skullbreaker challenge trending on #TikTok is. Fully deserving of a Darwin Award https://darwinawards.com As parents, and physicians who see the end result of actions like this, we need to raise awareness and stop it now.”

Here’s what other parents have to say:

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