SKorea authorities X-rayed bags of man US arrested

Associated Press
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FILE - In a Dec. 26, 2009 file photo, airport police monitor the entrance of Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles. Yongda Huang Harris, 28, flying from Japan to Boston, was arrested Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, during a stopover at Los Angeles International Airport, wearing a bulletproof vest and flame-resistant pants, and travelling with a suitcase full of weapons, leg irons, a smoke grenade, a gas mask and a biohazard suitd, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2012. (AP Photo/Jason Redmond, File)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A South Korean airport security official says a man arrested in Los Angeles for traveling with weapons and items including a smoke grenade had his checked luggage scanned, but no hazardous materials were found and the items he was arrested for possessing don't violate national guidelines.

The senior security official told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the luggage of Yongda Huang Harris was X-rayed in Incheon, South Korea, where he'd flown from Japan before heading to Los Angeles.

The luggage included knives, handcuffs and gas masks.

The official says weapons like axes and knives, and tins or cartridges that generate smoke are allowed under South Korean guidelines for checked bags.

U.S. customs agents who arrested Harris say the smoke grenade violated United Nations regulations for shipping explosives.


Associated Press writer Hyung-jin Kim contributed to this report from Seoul.