Sizzle Up For a Smooth Face With Bacon Shaving Cream

Eric Larson
Sizzle Up For a Smooth Face With Bacon Shaving Cream

Big date coming up?

Don't sweat it, you got this. Just make sure you're looking your best. So, you know, maybe shave. But don't use that generic shaving cream -- that stuff leaves nicks and smells like cleaning products. What you need is something that will make you stand out. Something that everyone, diet aside, can truly appreciate.

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Bacon-enthusiasts J&D, best known for their ever-increasing line of bacon accessories, have a -- you guessed it -- pork-flavored tub of shaving cream for sale on their website. It's exactly what you'd hope it would be.

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The tub runs for $14.99. But, if it's not exactly your "plate of bacon," you're still in luck -- bacon-flavored lip balm, envelopes and popcorn are also available on the site.

Sir Francis Bacon once said that "friends are thieves of time." In that sense, any time spent shaving without this would be a waste of awesomeness. Now that is philosophy.

Does this sound like something you or your carnivorous friends would use? Tell us what you think about it.

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