Six rail wagons carrying Ukrainian grain derailed in Moldova

Six rail wagons carrying grain, which were sent to the Ukrainian port of Reni on the Danube River, have been derailed in Moldova due to abnormal heat.

Source: Reuters.

Moldovan Railways notes that the preliminary cause of the accident was extremely high temperatures, due to which the rails have lost their rigidity.

In total, the train to Reni consisted of 61 wagons. Six wagons carrying grain derailed when the train was on a section of the Kul'ma-Ceadîr-Lunga line.

Moldovan farmers, who traditionally export grain and oilseeds to Romania and Türkiye, are ready to export 800,000 tonnes of a strong wheat crop of 1.2 million tonnes this year.


On the night of 23-24 July, the Russian military launched another attack on Odesa Oblast. The Ukrainian military said the attack had targeted the Danube’s port infrastructure. The port of Reni sustained damage

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