Six Mile Dam now a thriving local recreation spot

The transformed recreation site that has blossomed out at the Six Mile Dam Steve West Birding Area off Forni Road is nothing less than a result of the rallying of resources between community partners who each brought something to the table.

When CEHMM was asked to aide in the development of this area in 2022, we gladly rose to the challenge. Our Texas Hornshell Program Manager, Matt Ramey, along with Bureau of Land Management’s Rec. Planner, Tracy Hughes, shared a vision of roads expansion efforts in the dam area to make recreation activities accessible for everyone. Ramey then worked on and obtained a New Mexico Outdoor Economic Development grant in the amount of $99,363.44 for CEHMM to cover funding for the Six Mile expansion projects.

Six Mile Dam pictured by drone.
Six Mile Dam pictured by drone.

Working with BLM, the City of Carlsbad, Devon Energy, ConocoPhillips, EOG, 4 Elements Oilfield Services this year to ensure the vision for the area comes to pass was no less than a success. We were able to ensure over a mile’s worth of road was introduced and cleared properly, safety fencing was put up, and 8 picnic tables and shade structures were constructed for public use. With these improvements, we have expanded accessible recreational activities like fishing and kayaking in the Pecos River. Residents and visitors to our area now have a day spot to spend time with their loved ones making memories. In the past, Six Mile Dam wasn’t the most ideal place to take a family for an outing, but with the enhancements introduced over the last couple of years, we highly recommend it!

The basis of the NM Outdoor Recreation Economic Development grant is to ultimately get people outside to enjoy surroundings and be involved hands-on with natural resources of New Mexico landscapes. CEHMM is proud of the work done with collaborators in enabling people to do just that with this project. We look forward to our community long reaping the benefits of this grant and the relationships that were formed during the efforts of what has been completed.

This article originally appeared on Las Cruces Sun-News: Six Mile Dam now a thriving local recreation spot