Six arrested, 3 sought in Canada's 'largest gold heist'

STORY: It's being called the biggest gold heist in Canada's history.

Authorities in Canada and the U.S. said Wednesday six people

were arrested and three more are still being sought

after $16 million dollars worth of gold and currency from cargo arriving from overseas.

"Our investigation involves a stolen quantity of gold and foreign currency that were ordered from a refinery in Zurich, Switzerland. The gold and currency were transported in the hole of an Air Canada flight and an approved airline container destined for Toronto. This flight arrived at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on April 17th, 2023, at 3:56 p.m. Shortly after, the gold and currency were offloaded from the aircraft and brought into Air Canada cargo facility. At 6:32 p.m., the suspect arrived at Air Canada cargo driving a five ton truck. The suspect reversed his vehicle to a loading dock and exited the truck. The suspect was carrying a fraudulent airway bill as he approached the warehouse."

Regional police in Ontario named nine suspects and say they face nineteen charges.

At least two were Air Canada employees.

Five suspects were arrested in Canada and released on bail,

while one suspect was arrested in Pennsylvania with firearms and remains in U.S. custody.

Police have issued Canada-wide warrants for the other three.

Air Canada suspended one employee charged in the theft,

while another had already left the airline before the charges were announced.

The Authorities found 2.2 pounds of gold and approximately $315,000 worth of Canadian currency.

They also also found around 65 firearms, believed to have been bought with the stolen money.

Following the heist, a Miami-based transport and security services provider

Brinks, sued Air Canada in October, alleging 'negligence and carelessness'.

Brinks had been hired by Swiss bank Raiffeisen Schweiz

and precious metals refining company Valcambi to move the valuables from Zurich to Toronto.