Sisters throw what they know in this rising fitness sorority

Former Ohio State University student Elisabeth Tavierne implemented CHAARG, a fitness sorority that stands for Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls. It's like a regular sorority but instead of chick flicks and pizza, the sisters connect over a passion for fitness.

Tavierne, who is a former competitive swimmer, realized that women rarely left the cardio area of the gym at OSU. Therefore, Tavierne banded together with a group of fitness enthusiasts to "liberate girls from the elliptical and find their passion for fitness."

So how is this sorority any different from a regular fitness club? In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Tavierne spoke about the "sisterly" aspects of CHAARG. She said:

%shareLinks-quote="It is a lifestyle and a family. You can be the girl who lifts weights, trains for a race, does Pure Barre and takes yoga, but still takes time to let her hair down and put on a pair of heels" type="quote" author="Elisabeth Tavierne" authordesc=""%

CHAARG takes on the characteristics of a sorority by requiring members to pay semesterly dues, attend weekly meetings (in leggings and sneakers rather than black dresses and pins), and being a national organization with chapters at 23 universities.

When we think of a fitness sorority, the scene in "Sydney White" when the sorority sisters eat tiny breakfasts and fat-shame Amanda Bynes' character for having a full plate comes to mind. However, Tavierne made it clear during her Cosmopolitan interview that the sorority praises health, strength, and confidence rather than thigh gaps. She said:

"We know that it's how our body feels that matters, not the size of our legs or the number on the scale."

Watch this video of two besties working out together if you need a little motivation to join an organization like CHAARG:

The Best Friends Workout: TwoBadBodies Turn the World Into Your Gym
The Best Friends Workout: TwoBadBodies Turn the World Into Your Gym

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