Sister Of Nicole Linton, Nurse Who Killed 6 In Fatal LA Crash, Speaks On Sister's Mental Health

​​The family of Nicole Linton is advocating for mental health awareness and sharing the 37-year-old’s story with a new website that they’ve created.

According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, Camille Linton, an older sister of Nicole’s, published a website titled “Nicole’s Story – #LetsTalkAboutMentalHealth.” And shared her remorse for the six victims killed in the Aug. 4 crash.

On the website, she also detailed her sister’s years-long battle with mental health. As well as how she feels the overall outlook towards the topic needs to be improved.

“The accident that happened on August 4th was a tragedy all-around,” she wrote. “What happened to the victims and their families is heartbreaking and I send my deepest condolences to all those who lost a loved one. I understand and acknowledge the pain, anger, frustration, and sadness that so many are feeling.”

I hope that by creating this website, I can provide clarity on who Nicole is and her struggles with mental illness,” she continued. “But most importantly, I am writing this post because I want to increase awareness of mental health issues and how our society treats the mentally ill. What happened on August 4th did not happen on purpose but was a tragic accident. Far too many individuals and families in this country are struggling with having to experience, diagnose and treat mental illness on their own. As a society, we aren’t doing enough and we’ve seen how that can have tragic consequences. That has to change.”

Linton adds that she understands the feelings of those who are “rightfully angry, frustrated and fearful” that an incident like the August 4th crash could “happen to them.” She also understands the “fears and frustrations” of the “countless” people who are struggling with mental health like her sister.

Linton is also empathetic to the feeling of “hopelessness” of families like hers that are supporting a “loved one suffering with a mental illness” and striving to “get them the proper care that they need.”

The website features several pages which include “Nicole’s Mental Health Struggles,” “Nicole’s Journey As A Travel Nurse,” “The Day of the Accident,” “Is There Anything the Family or Nicole Could’ve Done Differently,” “Murder vs. Manslaughter,” and “Who is Nicole Linton?”.

As Blavity previously reported, Linton has suffered from several mental health breakdowns, was diagnosed with bipolar, and was also involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment multiple times before the fatal crash occurred.