Singaporean couple go viral after boyfriend surprises girlfriend with Paris trip


A video of a Singaporean boyfriend surprising his girlfriend with a trip to Paris has recently gone viral.

On Dec. 28, 2022, the couple posted a nearly 2-minute clip on TikTok about the sweet gesture.

The start of the video shows the girlfriend mesmerized by scenes of France's capital. "My girlfriend has always been wanting to go to Paris," the onscreen text says.

The boyfriend reveals that he bought tickets to Paris in secret. In early December of last year, he paid 2,303.20 Singapore dollars (approximately $1,717) for a round-trip Singapore Airlines flight for him and his girlfriend.

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After spending a day together, the couple can be seen having a meal at home. The boyfriend has his girlfriend choose one of two pieces of paper with travel destinations on them — little does she know that both of them say "Paris."

"I showed her the tickets," the video's onscreen text says. The girlfriend stares at her boyfriend's cell phone in disbelief before tears form in her eyes.

"I'm very touched," she can be heard saying.

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At the end of the video, the couple agree to start saving money for their November 2023 trip.

Several TikTok users have commented on the now-viral video, which has already received over 179,000 views and 14,500 likes.

"She’s so precious what is this! U better propose in Paris," one user wrote.

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"Bro, just did this to my wife but for Japan instead. Defo worth the feels to see those tears of joy ah. Money can earn anywhere, love is priceless," another user said.

"Turning the volume up so my husband hears this on repeat," another user wrote.


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