Simon Cowell reveals he is spending £180k to clone his dogs

Cowell says he just can’t live without his beloved pooches.
Cowell says he just can’t live without his beloved pooches.

Simon Cowell may have a bit of scary reputation as a talent judge on the likes of X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent but the music mogul has long had a soft spot for his four-legged friends.

The 59-year-old has served as an ambassador for several dog rescue charities over the years, and just a day ago melted our hearts by rescuing a stray dog in Barbados.

But it looks like he will be taking his love of dogs to the next level – by cloning each of his pets. Cowell who owns terriers Squiddly, Diddly, Freddy and now the fourth Caribbean pooch, told the The Sun on Sunday that he simply can’t imagine life without his canine buddies.

“I am 100 per cent cloning the dogs, all of them. We’ve thoroughly looked into it, got all the details and I can prove to you I’m going to clone them. There is documentation. I am doing it because I cannot bear the thought of them not being around.

“I might actually do it sooner rather than later, which will mean we have six dogs running around. It doesn’t hurt them. It’s like a swab, a DNA thing,” he told the tabloid.

He revealed that he would be using a cloning company based in South Korea. Each clone will cost roughly around £60,000 and the DNA from the original dog is collected by performing a minor biopsy on its stomach.

Cowell added that he hoped the clones would turn out with the same personalities as his existing ones.

“You hope they’re going to be the same dogs and that you’ll love them as much as the current ones. I cannot imagine Squiddly, Diddly and Freddy not being around, so this is the solution,” he said.

Cowell added Squiddly and Diddly into his family in 2013, while he adopted his late mother’s dog Freddy in 2015.

As for his newly adopted dog, Cowell has named her Daisy. The terrier cross is set to be flown private jet back to the UK and to Cowell’s mansion once the paperwork is cleared.

Daisy was found abandoned with her two puppies on the Caribbean Island, only to be rescued by the dog charity K-9, for which Cowell is a patron and hosts an annual fundraising auction.

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