Sign Us Up: The Best Luxury Retreats Are Bucket List–Worthy

If you're sitting at your desk typing away on your laptop or scrolling through your phone during your commute and thinking about how badly you need a vacation, we hear you. It's that time of year. And as much as love a good beach getaway or urban adventure, sometimes we need something that feels like even more of an escape. Enter: luxury wellness retreats.

Since retreats give you the structure to actually start achieving your healthy living goals, and luxe spas offer all the pampering we've been craving, why not combine the two for the best of both worlds? It's the ideal travel situation for anyone who likes to indulge and face new challenges.

With this in mind, we uncovered the 10 best luxury retreats for those seeking guidance, whether it be around spiritual healing, weight loss, exercise, and even those who just want to get better at yoga while sipping margaritas with friends. Begin your research to find the best luxury retreat that's right for your lifestyle and goals with our curated picks below. Ready, set, get off the grid and rejuvenate.

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: With a beautiful lodge and limitless trails, Mountain Trek provides a true backcountry experience, immersing guests in scenery you cannot find near most urban cities.

The Wellness Program: It provides the ultimate hiking-based vacation in British Columbia. Mountain Trek takes hiking to the next level by utilizing Nordic Trekking Poles and employing postural ergonomic instruction for a full-body workout that increases cardio and maximizes muscle power. Program director Kirkland Shave motivates guests with a sense of adventure and wonder, taking them through a new trail each day, offering different environments and views among nature. In addition to hiking, guests are treated to an ultra-personalized program, also spending time focusing on activities including yoga, massage therapy, detox treatments, and a variety of fitness and nutrition classes including lectures on stress management, nutrition, sleep health, metabolism, detoxification, goal setting, and personal willpower.

What Sets It Apart: It feels a bit like summer camp but with a healthy living angle—and it's designed for adults. One of the best parts about the program is that it extends beyond the trip itself, as the on-site clinical psychologist, Joshua Klapow, PhD, is available pre- and post-retreat for expert life coaching.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: Rolling green hills and pristine grounds abound at Resort Lans, which is nestled in an idyllic Austrian town. Everything about this place is fit for royalty, from the service to the programs, interior design, and bath products.

The Wellness Program: Designed with a holistic approach combining both modern Western medicine and naturopathy, Lans is a medical spa retreat where everything will be tailored to your specific needs. You can consult with professionals to develop a specific plan after your diagnostic evaluations. Some treatments include Mayr medicine, which focuses on getting your digestive tract back on track, burnout therapy, guided fasting, pain therapy, energy healing, and more.

What Sets It Apart: Aside from being thoroughly luxurious in aesthetics and resources, Lans's guiding principles also make it stand out among other wellness retreats: The principles are empathy and proximity, meaning they will support and guide you physically and emotionally throughout the entire process.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… The Ranch at Live Oak, California

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: The sense of place really shines through in the décor and landscaping at Two Bunch Palms, where the desert climate and laidback vibe set the scene. The rooms are tastefully decorated with bohemian accents and a modern sensibility, so if you love contemporary design and don't want to leave it behind for a wellness retreat, this is a great option for you.

The Wellness Program: Most of its programs are free throughout your stay, and you can opt in or out for as many as you want. So if you're someone who needs flexibility and autonomy, this is a good place to go. Some of the classes and programs include water meditation, harmonic vibration sound baths, painting classes, drum circles, shaman spirit animal sessions, energy field classes, and Flower Deck readings to gain insight into your communication and relationship style and more.

What Sets It Apart: Though it isn't exclusively a health retreat center, the resort offers many on-site programs that make it suitable for someone wanting to reset. In fact, it was designed to help you reboot and relax, whatever that means for you. There are on-site mineral-rich hot springs and a super extensive spa menu—take a look at its treatments, which include everything from facials, mud therapy baths, chakra balancing massages, and guided energy work.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… We Care Spa, California

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: Located in Baden, a picturesque town in the German Black Forest, Villa Stephanie is upscale and sophisticated yet quaint and secluded.

The Wellness Program: Villa Stephanie offers specialized programs around specific concerns from weight loss and detox to medical treatment and recovery. Its signature program, The King's Way, is designed by Harry F. Konig does it all. Specifically, it uses a "unique, integrated combination of nutritional, physical, and medical detoxification," all under the supervision and guidance of doctors. You can expect an intense individually designed dieting and exercise routine and daily visits with your medical specialist as well as indulgent spa treatments, check-ins with a nutritionist and detox chef, and training sessions with licensed fitness coaches.

What Sets It Apart: There's a ton of one-on-one attention and care from medically trained professionals. If weight loss is your ultimate goal but you want to do so in a luxurious locale, this is your pick.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… The Pearl Laguna, California

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: With a myriad of retreats to different destinations, the setting is up to you. But one thing remains the same: You can always expect chic, on-trend style, luxurious facilities, and interesting locales. For the Love of Travel, a curated group travel company, has teamed up with wellness guru Kelsey J. Patel for a trip that truly delivers the best of both worlds.

The Wellness Program: There will be an energy-healing reiki session, ceviche cooking classes, night kayaking lessons, guided meditation and yoga, and tequila tastings. It's a mixed bag of activities that encourages balance and fun.

What Sets It Apart: If you want a balance of margaritas and meditation on the beach, then you'll love this retreat. Each day consists of a relaxing and rejuvenating itinerary that also lets you indulge and have fun, which is the whole of a vacation, after all. One of the best parts about For the Love of Travel is the opportunity to travel with friends and meet new people with similar interests.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… Another Kelsey J. Patel retreat

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: Tucked away in Cedar Bloom, Oregon, Spirit Weavers is like stepping into Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 1915 novel Herland, only more utopian. The space itself is surrounded by trees, meadows, and a flowing river. The main building is a retro-inspired midcentury home, and the rest of the accommodations are thoughtfully decorated yurts.

The Wellness Program: This all-women gathering is about reconnecting with the self and building community through skill-sharing classes, earth-based healing remedies, and celebrations. There is a village-like section, where you'll find all of the different workshops and activities, like the empowerment center, where you can participate in everything from 12-step recovery programs to self-celebration sessions and dance circles. Other examples are the "specialty shop" called "The Adornment," where you can chop off your hair or tie it up with florals intertwined and "The Tea Temple" where you can sip, meditate, and do yoga.

What Sets It Apart: If you can tell from the above description, Spirit Weavers is for a very specific kind of person. If you practice (or are curious to learn about) new age spirituality and you want to see what it would be like to live in an all-female, community-centric village for a week, then this will be the wellness retreat for you. The other wonderful aspect of this gathering is that it's very welcoming to mothers and children, with specific programs for children of various ages.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… Lumeria, Maui

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: Regardless of which retreat you choose, Yoga for Bad People always promises cool lodgings, fun people, and even more fun activities. Personally, we've got our eyes on the Panerea, Italy, trip, but the Hudson Valley option looks amazing, too, and it's a bit closer to home and is at The Duchess, a secret hotel, which, though mysterious, is rumored to be very elevated and stylish.

The Wellness Program: With guided yoga and meditation sessions and yoga classes daily as well as group meals, you'll get the basics you'd expect from a wellness retreat. But there's much more free time for you to explore the surrounding areas and do what you want during your downtime.

What Sets It Apart: Yoga for Bad People was founded to open up the world of yoga to those who may not fit the stereotype of a "yogi." It's pretty much the polar opposite of Spirit Weavers in that you won't have to ditch your vices and daily lifestyle completely, but you will be able to get a nice break and get in touch with your spiritual side.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… Love Yoga Retreats

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: With 4000 sprawling acres of gardens, mountains, and meadows, Rancho la Puerta is the original fitness resort and spa. Located in Tecate, Mexico, the grounds are beautiful and well-kept while the rooms are stylish and comfortable. It's very approachable and unpretentious, though you will definitely sense the underlying luxury and upscale touches everywhere you go on the property.

The Wellness Program: It offers guests a unique reawakening and spiritual mental escape with over 60 fitness classes—including TRX, yoga, pilates, Watsu—advanced hiking trails, spa treatments, therapeutic sessions, and daily lectures to inspire guests to leave with a recharged sense of being.

What Sets It Apart: In addition to its programming, Rancho La Puerta provides inclusive healthy spa cuisine, utilizing the season's freshest ingredients from the on-property garden, as well as provides cooking classes at the Ranch's culinary school, La Cocina Que Canta, helmed by chef Denise Roa. Everything about this place is unique and well-designed.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, California

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: Tucked away within the 130 acres of Chewton Glen’s estate are 12 ûber-romantic Treehouse Suites for guests looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway stilted high above the wooden valley. Step away into the magical wilderness of the New Forrest.

The Wellness Program: Dubbed the "Treetox," its program consists of a couples' wellness detox. It's designed to cleanse, bond and relax, while connecting you with nature for a serene retreat and escape from the real world. While you're here, you can participate in a one day juice cleanse with the additional days including an alkaline breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, do three sessions with either a personal trainer or try Nordic walking, yoga or pilates, and get three spa treatments all self-reflecting in a daily greatness journal.

What Sets It Apart: Guests can step away from the stress of life and cleanse their body and mind on this four-night, five-day health break. It consists of a four nights in a sophisticated Treehouse Suite, which is ideal for anyone who wants to go with their partners.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… Golden Door, California

The Luxury Retreat Backdrop: The local vibe and interior design scheme will depend on which Pointe Break Retreat you sign up for, as they're constantly changing. We're highlighting one of the upcoming retreats in Columbeira, Portugal. It's right in a charming oceanside village, and the accommodations are beachy and hip with distinct Iberian sensibilities.

The Wellness Program: With surf, yoga, and dance classes for every level as well as daily cultural excursions, this is basically the camp you wish you went to as a kid. Designed in partnership with Buddha Retreats, the guiding principle behind the trip is to help you find and improve your balance in all facets of life.

What Sets It Apart: If you've always been interested in going on a wellness retreat but aren't ready to fully commit to fasting and detoxing—or if you simply don't have enough vacation days not to, you know, vacation, during them—this is the retreat for you. You'll get to enjoy Portuguese cuisine and see the beautiful city of Lisbon while also working on your health.

If You Can't Go Here, Try… Sky Ting Yoga, Nova Scotia

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