The shocking web searches FBI agents testified they found on kidnapping suspect’s web history

The prosecution is expected to rest in the Louis Coleman trial this week. FBI agents took the stand Tuesday to explain what they say they found on Coleman’s computers.  Some of the testimony revealed the shocking web searches investigators say he did after his victim went missing.

On Day 7 of the trial, FBI agents went through what they found on Louis Coleman’s computers. In the days after Jassy Correia went missing at a Boston nightclub, agents testified they found multiple web searches.  In one search, he typed “Can a person fit in a suitcase” and another search, that the agent testified had a typo, “how to pull tooth out that is not lose (sic)”.  In cross examination, the defense pointed out Coleman never researched kidnapping someone.

Boston 25 Legal Analyst Peter Elikann explains in federal court the crime charged here is kidnapping resulting in death.  “Not so much that he intentionally killed her or not or tried to hide the body, but did she die somehow as a result of his kidnapping,” said Elikann.

Coleman is accused of kidnapping Correia outside a Boston nightclub and stuffing her body in a suitcase. The defense contends Correia was at the night club with friends and became combative with her friends and Coleman was trying to help her and that he did not initiate what caused her death.  “His version is that he was helping her out actually, she was a female in distress according to him,” said Elikann.

There has been no clear evidence showing when Correia was killed. The Medical Examiner testified Correia’s fatal injuries could not be seen in surveillance video showing Coleman carrying her up to his Providence apartment. That piece of information was stricken because it was not in the written autopsy report. Elikann says the criteria for kidnapping can be met if someone is unconscious. “That could be considered kidnapping because it was done without her consent,” said Elikann.

The prosecution will be back in the morning with more testimony where Coleman traveled based on his phone after he and Correia left the night club and before he was arrested in Delaware.

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