'Shocked' Korean traveler: Credit card-sized steak served as inflight meal on $5K business-class trip

After taking a Korean Air business class flight to South Korea from Hawaii, a passenger shared a photo of his underwhelming inflight meal which had a steak the size of a credit card.

The South Korean man reportedly spent 6.48 million won (approximately $5,016) on a business class flight, as it was his first time traveling in two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking forward to the inflight service, the man was taken aback when he saw his underwhelming meal.

The photo that he shared in an online forum on June 13 shows his steak with a small side of vegetables and sliced potatoes. The man placed his credit card next to the meal to provide a visual comparison.

“This is a business class steak meal. Looking back at it again, I’m still shocked,” the man wrote.

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The man also claimed that he and the other passengers were not fully provided with blankets or alcoholic beverages during the flight. During mealtime, several passengers were told that there were no more instant noodles. The man believed the food was being rationed on the flight, claiming that the grapes were handed out one by one and that cheese was cut as thin as sashimi.

Despite his dissatisfaction with the inflight food and drinks, the man praised the flight’s crew members for their positivity. He also mentioned that they always kept a smile on their faces while they received numerous complaints.

“I don’t want any misunderstandings as the service of the flight attendants was still the best,” the man shared on the forum.

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Korean Air has recently been under fire for providing poor service during flights, with several passengers complaining about the lack of inflight supplies.

"I asked for some blankets because it was cold and the flight attendant said she couldn't and kept saying sorry," one passenger said.

"Even if you ask for drinks such as coke and juice, we can't provide them. One can of drink is distributed among three cups,” an anonymous Korean Air flight attendant shared on Blind, an online community for employees. “There is even a lack of bottled water on long-distance flights. The manager who ordered a box from a branch because there was a shortage of drinks abroad was disciplined and had to pay for the items out of his own pocket."

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Meanwhile, a Korean Air spokesperson explained on Blind that the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for the lack of inflight supplies.

"On some overseas routes, it is inevitable that the supply of in-flight meals will be limited only on flights departing from foreign destinations due to local quarantine policies such as border closures due to COVID-19," he wrote.


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Featured Image via SBS News