Shock Video: Obama Admits He Can’t Do What He Did Today

Mytheos Holt
The Blaze

It‘s very rare that you see President Obama admit wrongdoing after he’s done something. Unfortunately, it’s much more common for him to say something is a bad idea and then do it. Listing the number of instances would take too long, but it‘s safe to say it’s a common trend.

And now there’s just one more example. In the following clip, taken from a 2011 Univision Town Hall, President Obama admits that it’s beyond his power to suspend deportations for anyone because (surprise, surprise) there are laws on the books that he’d be breaking by doing that. In other words, the President acknowledges that to do what he did today would be a rank violation of the separation of powers. Watch below:

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Mr. President. If only you’d listened.

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