Shirtless Horse-Head-Wearing Jogger Wins Hurricane Sandy

Annie Colbert
October 29, 2012
'Frankenstorm' Officially Added to English Lexicon
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A shirtless jogger wearing a horse head mask trotted his way into the hearts of TV watchers during Hurricane Sandy coverage in Washington D.C. Twitter user @hyyoon snapped a screen grab of the prancing pony from newscast footage broadcast on the local NBC station.

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So who is this mystery jogger who has provided a bit of comic relief during a very serious situation? Jimmy Kruyne identified himself as the horse-head-wearing runner on Twitter.

Ok, Internet, you've had your fun. Now grab your flashlights and dry goods and trot on back to safety.

Images courtesy of tdotscott and @hyyoon

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Image courtesy of chrisafer

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