Shawnee residents hear about school facilities

Nov. 23—SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP — About 70 Shawnee residents listened in Hugh Downs Auditorium as Charlie Jahnigen, of the architectural firm SHP, shared the progress in developing a master plan for the renovation and or replacement of Shawnee Local Schools facilities.

Shawnee Superintendent Jude Meyers hoped the meeting would "get a pulse from what the community thinks, what they want and what they see for the future Shawnee schools."

A multitude of scenarios were looked at by Community Action teams since its formulation last spring. The team narrowed options down to just three scenarios.

One scenario called for the renovation of Elmwood as a K-2 building; Maplewood renovated as a grades 3-4 building and constructing a new grades 5-12 building. This option would cost an estimated $117 million.

Another option selected by the team was to renovate Elmwood, Maplewood and the high school, and construct a new grades 5-8 building. This option would cost an estimated $119 million. This scenario is thought to be the most cost-effective.

The final scenario selected by the Community Action Team was to renovate the grades K-4 building and construct a new grades 5-12 building. This option would cost an estimated $130 million.

There are many variables in estimating the cost of buildings. Inflation and interest rates are a variable that can affect the actual costs. Jahnigen shared with those in attendance that the local share of expenses would be 72%, maybe dropping to 70% when the final plans are submitted to the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

Plans moving forward are for the Community Action Team to meet again in December. A second outreach for the public will be held in January or February. It is hoped then that a final master plan for Lima Shawnee facilities will be presented to the school board in March for approval of the board.

Jahnigen and Shawnee Superintendent Jude Meyers fielded numerous questions from the residents in attendance at the meeting about the thought processes the Community Action Team used to eliminate options.

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