Shawnee farmer has been waiting months for city to fix giant hole in his land

SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) — A Shawnee farmer has been left with a massive hole in his land for months, and he says the city is to blame.

“It’s actually a financial burden on me,” said Jeremy Kinnamon.

Kinnamon said the problem goes back almost two years ago when he first notice a manhole, installed by the City of Shawnee was overflowing on his land.

“I had a bunch of oil and maybe hydraulic fluid,” said Kinnamon.

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The farmer said the city agreed they had an issue and sent workers to clean up the mess, but a few months later the same thing happened.

He said after several phone calls the city finally returned again.

“I still had a bunch of my dirt still just saturated with that oil,” sad Kinnamon. “They finally come out here and they dug it up and then they left.”

The work left a massive hole in Kinnamon’s land.

“There’s rocks, bricks and just construction debris. That doesn’t work in a farmer’s hayfield,” said Kinnamon.

Kinnamon was told the city was waiting for more soil so they could fill the hole, but it’s been at least eight months.

“They will not communicate with me at all,” said Kinnamon. “I use this land to make hay for cows and people’s livestock, that’s how I make my living on the farm.”

Kinnamon said it’s farming season and the giant hole is limiting the work he can do.

” I need to be out here fertilizing and getting ready to cut hay,” he said. “It makes it harder on my equipment because the amount of turning that I have to do.”

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News 4 reached out to the city of Shawnee regarding Jeremy’s claims, they responded with the following statement,

At this time, the City of Shawnee is actively working with Mr. Jeremy Kinnamon,
through his elected legal counsel, to address any concerns that may be related to the
City’s wastewater line that traverses the Kinnamon property. The City is in the
process of engaging a firm to extract soil samples, so that any remedial action, if
necessary, can be completed by the City.
The City of Shawnee is committed to resolving this matter in a fair manner,
prioritizing the well-being of our residents and the environment. We will provide
updates as the situation progresses.

City of Shawnee

Kinnamon said too much time has passed and he just wants the city to do the right thing by fixing their mistake.

“It should be fixed as good or better than it was before they got here. I mean, it’s their line. They need to maintain it,” said Kinnamon. “I just want my land fixed, that’s all I want.”

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