Sharks vs crocodile: Anglers watch epic battle from boat in Australia, video shows

While night fishing off the coast of Australia, a group witnessed an intense battle between two apex predators: a group of sharks vs. a crocodile.

Jessie Leigha, professional angler with Wildcard Luxury Cruises, was night fishing with a group off the coast of the Wessel Islands when she captured footage of the “unfriendly nighttime guests,” according to her Instagram post on Nov. 29.

Her video, which has graphic language that may be offensive to some readers, shows a large number of sharks swimming around the fishing boat.

”We had anchored up for the night in a bay and the sharks were in full form at the back of the boat, so we were watching them for a bit,” Leigha told McClatchy News via Instagram. “It is very common to have this many sharks off the back of the boat.”

Then the crocodile appeared.

“We were all shocked as I have never seen both (animals) together before,” Leigha said.

Video shows the crocodile swimming near the boat and its rope. As it tries to bite the rope, several people yell at the animal to let go.

The sharks continue circling the crocodile, then one attacks from below, biting the crocodile’s neck, the video shows. A wild splashing ensues.

Fishermen can be heard yelling in shock and surprise.

The croc then surfaces further away from the boat, as the video ends with the crocodile swimming off

“The sharks had a few chomps on Mr. Snappy,” Leigha wrote on Instagram.

“It was absolutely amazing and crazy,” Leigha told McClatchy News. “We have never seen this form of interaction before and a lot of us have been at sea for many many years.”

“The sharks didn’t like (the crocodile) in their waters,” Leigha told the Australian outlet 7News. “They’re not used to it and maybe saw (the crocodile) as a contender for food.”

Leigha told McClatchy News that the crocodile survived and was later seen in “fine form” on a beach.

An Instagram user commented that the video was “as Australian as it gets.”

“I thought this was south Florida for a second,” another user commented.

The Wessel Islands are an island chain along the northern coast of Australia, about 1,800 miles northwest of Sydney.

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