Shani Louk, whose naked body was paraded by Hamas fighters, may have also been robbed. Her credit card was used in Gaza, report says.

  • A video showed Shani Louk's naked body being paraded through Gaza on the back of a Hamas truck.

  • Her family told Der Spiegel that Louk's bank said her credit card had been used in Gaza.

  • More than 600 Israelis have died, and more than 100 have been captured by Hamas, Israel says.

Shani Louk, the young woman whose naked body was seen in the back of a pickup truck driven by Hamas fighters through Gaza, may have also been robbed, a report suggests.

Her parents have not heard from their daughter since a phone call early on the morning of October 7, just after Hamas launched the first rockets into Israeli territory.

But in an interview with the German news outlet Der Spiegel, the family said they had received information from her bank that the tattoo artist's credit card had been used in Gaza.

Louk's mother, Ricarda Louk, still holds out hope that her daughter might still be alive, saying in a video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, that she saw her daughter "unconscious in a car with Palestinians."

"I just don't want to admit it yet," she told Der Spiegel.

"This morning, my daughter Shani Louk, a German citizen who was with a tourist group in the south of Israel, was kidnapped by Palestinian Hamas. I was sent a video where I could clearly see my daughter unconscious in a car with Palestinians," she said in German, which Insider has translated. "Please send any help or news. Thank you."

Women, children, and senior citizens are believed to be among at least 100 Israeli hostages

A woman with dreadlocks, dramatic makeup, and a piece of fabric draped over her head.

Louk had been attending an outdoor "Festival for Peace" party near Kibbutz Urim when Hamas fighters invaded. Videos showed panic spreading through the crowd as the fighters arrived at the event in the desert.

A video of a young woman with dreadlocks on the back of a pickup truck surrounded by Hamas soldiers started circulating on social media shortly after the attack.

In it, she appeared stripped to her underwear with her legs bent at unnatural angles. One man grabs her hair while another spits on her body.

Her face isn't visible, but her characteristic dreadlocks and tattoos helped her family identify her, The Washington Post reported.

Another video circulating on social media showed the moment an Israeli woman begged for her life as she was separated from her partner and driven away by Hamas fighters into Gaza.

Twenty-five-year-old Noa Argamani and her partner, Avi Nata, were also attending a music festival on Saturday when they were taken hostage.

Argamani and Natan were identified by their family members as the subjects of the disturbing video, The Times of Israel reported.

The outlet reported that in the clip, Argamani could be heard saying, "Don't kill me."

A third video appeared to show the capture of another young woman. In it, a Hamas Jeep pulled up, and a bloodied woman in sweatpants was removed from the vehicle's trunk and manhandled by a fighter.

Women, children, and senior citizens are believed to be among at least 100 Israelis captured and held hostage by Hamas following the Palestinian militant group's surprise wave of attacks.

The exact number of hostages is unclear, but a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces said on Saturday it was "unfortunately, a significant number."

Israel's ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, told Sky News that "over 100 people" had been taken, and their families "don't know where they are."

Israel says that more than 600 Israelis have been killed so far.

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