Shameless Dad, 26, With 14 Kids Can’t Do Community Service Due To ‘Sore Back’


Lee Anderson (Facebook)

A shameless dad pleaded with a court not to be jailed as he has fathered 14 children by the age of 26.

Feckless Lee Anderson pleaded for leniency from the Dunfermline Sheriff Court after failing to complete a community service order after being committed for violent offences, but was sent to prison for four months.

Anderson, from Cowdenbeath, had been hauled before the court after failing to complete the community service, which involved building work, even though the offences happened almost four years ago.

Anderson’s lawyer said he had a ‘sore back’.

However he produced no medical proof of his ailment and the court sent him to prison for the first time.

After hearing Anderson had no medical proof he had a bad back, the Sheriff told Anderson he had run out of chances.

‘ You have completely failed to comply.’


Anderson told the court he suffered from a sore back (Facebook)

Among the convictions, which all dated back to when he lived in Orkney in 2012, were assault and causing a disturbance by shouting and swearing.

The Sun reported that Sheriff Craig McSherry was also unimpressed by Anderson’s seedy lifestyle saying: ‘He’s 26 and he claims to have fathered 14 children. I don’t suppose he pays anything to them?’

Anderson’s lawyer Elaine Buist replied: “I think he only sees one of them.”

The court also heard that his name does not appear on any birth certificates.