Seychelles declares emergency after explosion

STORY: This is the aftermath of a blast at an explosives store on an industrial zone on the Seychelles' main island Mahe.

President Wavel Ramkalawan declared a state of emergency on Thursday (December 7).

He was seen visiting the injured at a hospital after the explosion.

The blast shook the island as heavy rains triggered flooding.

Streets on the island were covered in deep mud and strewn with debris and uprooted trees.

The president's office put out a statement asking everyone to stay at home.

All schools will be closed and only workers in the essential services and persons travelling will be allowed free movement, the statement added.

The government's official Visit Seychelles account on X said the international airport and ferries between its islands remained operational for tourists.

The Seychelles is a major tourist destination.

The country is made up of 115 islands and is the least populous country in Africa with about 100,000 people.