How Sexting Can Boost Your Adult Relationship [VIDEO]

Joann Pan

Flirty singles and couples are sexting their way to fiery intimacy in their relationships. How about you?

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In April, U.K.-based mobile news site Recombu polled 2,000 adults, who revealed many were sexting. According to the survey, 48% of women and 45% of men sent provocative images, videos and sexually suggestive messages electronically.

Aside from the great benefits to sexting, there are also cases of flirty texts gone very wrong (for example, former representative Anthony Weiner's Twitter scandal). The Recombu survey reveals 1 in 10 have sent sext texts to the wrong person. Like everything else in the game of tech-aided romance, there are rules. Heed this warning: Being flirty on your phone could easily be considered lewd, creepy or even criminal if you and the recipient aren't on the same page.

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On tonight's episode of Love in the Time of Robots,'s resident sex blogger Sandra Daugherty will share her wisdom about the do's and don'ts of sexting. If done well, sexting could transform your romantic relationship for the better. Sex Nerd Sandra will reveal how to turn sexting into something fun and pressure-free, if that's something you're comfortable with in your relationship.

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Do you sext? If so, share some of your guidelines or sexting etiquette rules with us in the comments.

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